Aircon vs ceiling fan, which is the better investment for your room?

Aircon vs ceiling fan, which is the better investment for your room?

In Singapore the perpetual heat is a problem that bothers everyone. The only way to avoid running to the nearest air-conditioned shopping mall or library is to keep cool at home. But should you get a ceiling fan or an air conditioner? Which is the best investment for your room? We look at the options available to help you decide before you shell out your money.

Many people will point out that ceiling fans will do the trick, after all they are economical, saves electricity and cost a lot less than air-conditioners. If you live in a HDB flat a ceiling fan can help you circulate the air with its long blades much better than a standing fan. Many HDB flat dwellers also already enjoy breezy winds so a ceiling fan may be enough for your room, the ceiling fan can help propel the winds coming in from your window making your room pretty cool and comfortable.

KDK,an established Japanese brand synonymous with ceiling fans has fans starting from as low as $100.

M11SU model

The M11SU model costs $248. It is a ceiling fan measuring 110 cm with remote control functions. It is suitable for low rise HDB ceilings from 2.6 metres to 3 metres. You can even time it to run for 1, 3 or 6 hours. It has a 3-speed selection and the blades are made of rigid ABS material. KDK charges an additional $80 for installation including transport fee.

 Fanco F-star DC ceiling fan

If you don’t like the noise of ceiling fans, you would like the Fanco F-star DC ceiling fan which is very quiet. You can get it online from for just $199. It is suitable for ceilings 2.7 metres and below. A DC fan also means that it does not blow directly at you. Comes with a one year warranty and installation fee is only $30.

Decco Gold Coast model

If you are big on looks you may want to consider the Decco Gold Coast model. The blades resemble a falling leaf falling in an autumn air. This model is suitable for HDB ceilings. Get it at for $299. Comes with one year warranty, 35 W, black and white colours, indeed a cool choice if you want a different look.

Then again if you live in a place that feels like an oven most of the time, an air-conditioner is the best bid to beat the sweltering heat. There are a number of brands in the market, and different kinds of air-conditioners. You may be in doubt to installing the right kind of air conditioner that is most suitable for the size of your room and conditions of your room such as an open window to let out an exhaust pipe.

Gain City offers a free survey of your room before you buy an air conditioner, offering you advice on the type of air conditioner you need. One of the cheapest brand they sell is the York brand starting from about $1000.

 York system 1 aircon

The York system 1 aircon comes with 4 ticks and retails at $1,019. At 9000 BTU (British Thermal Units)it is good enough to cool a small bedroom. The number of ticks refer to the Efficiency Rating. A higher Efficiency Rating equates to a lower long term cost but a higher initial purchase price. Although the price is inclusive of installation, they will charge you for the change of steel brackets and power points.

Honeywell Portable Aircon MN10CES

If you are looking at a lower price, you may want to consider a portable air conditioner. The Honeywell Portable Aircon MN10CES  retails at $699 at Gain City. But this kind of air conditioner needs an open window to put out an exhaust hose. The air conditioner, however, can cool up rooms to 350 square feet. It comes with an easy-to-install window venting kit and one-year warranty. Its BTU is 10,000.

Yet another retail outlet to check out is Courts for bargain air conditioner buys as low as $699 during weekends.

Panasonic CUS9TKZ

The Panasonic CUS9TKZ retails at $999 at a discount. This wall mounted air conditioner is a good buy considering that most air conditioners of the same type retail at around $1500 or more. Courts also offers free site survey and installation and dismantling options. The cooling capacity is 9000 BTU and comes with warranty.

If you have the time you can also check out your friendly air conditioner retailer in the heartlands and see if you can get a bargain.

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