All about ceiling lights: Different types you can install in your home

November 28th 2022

All about ceiling lights: Different types you can install in your home 

For new and seasoned homeowners alike, lighting is a very crucial part of interior design as it can affect the appearance and performance of your home. In fact, the right lighting can help establish and enhance the mood of your space depending on the vibe you are aiming for. 

With that said, if this is your first home renovation, light installation can be a perplexing or confusing decision to make. Not to worry, we got you covered. Read on as we delve into the different types of lighting that can be installed in your home.

Types of Lighting
A brief introduction: there are 3 different types of lighting: accent, ambient, and task lighting. Each of them serves different purposes in a space and is an adaptable and versatile choice for homeowners. 

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is one of the most popular types of lighting available on the market. It is ideal for bringing attention to certain features you would like to highlight in your home. 
The benefits of accent lighting do not just end there. They also help to elevate the decorative aspect of a home by emphasising its distinct and attractive aspects. For instance, accent lights can be used to put emphasis on statement pieces on display or even bespoke furniture. 

You can make use of accent lighting in your home to not just shine light into any rooms, but help your beautiful home or furniture stand out. 

Ambient Lighting
Next, we have another well-loved and popular type of lighting, ambient lighting. Did you know that ambient lighting is usually viewed as the most crucial and primary aspect of lighting to consider? And why is this so? This is because it illuminates the overall space of your home and sets the tone of your area without placing emphasis on a particular section or object. 

Essentially, ambient lighting helps to set the ambiance for any space in your home! One example of light fixtures that provide ambient lighting is chandeliers, which can help light up the general area of the home. At the same time, chandeliers can also make your room look luxurious and unique. 

Task Lighting 
The last variation of lighting would be task lighting. The primary function of task lighting is to provide lighting in a concentrated area of the house. Such lighting is most commonly utilised in locations such as the kitchen or reading rooms, where daily tasks are usually conducted. Task lighting also allows for one to complete chores and tasks conveniently and easily. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the 3 main variations of lighting, let’s take a closer look at the different types of ceiling lights for your home. The types of ceiling lights that will be discussed below normally incorporate these 3 types of lighting in one way or another. 

#1 Downlights 
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First up, we have the downlights. Downlights are a type of recessed ceiling light that aims downwards and are typically installed in a ceiling opening. They are great for homeowners aiming for a sleek and minimalistic atmosphere in their homes, as downlights are flatly embedded into the ceiling and do not jut out from the ceiling. 

Not only does this look aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic, but it can also help to increase the overall available space in your home. At the same time, downlights are great for ambient lighting in order to create a homely feel in your living area. 

Apart from the possibility of serving as ambient lighting, they can also be purposefully used as task lighting since downlights can be placed directly over a work area. As such, it is evident how versatile downlights can be. Not only that, but its versatility also allows it to act as accent lighting in order to highlight specific display items or decor that you want to attract attention to. 

#2 Flush Mounts
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Another common type of lighting fixture homeowners can consider installing in their homes is flush mounts. Flush mount lights are typically installed flat against the base of the ceiling, but they are not embedded into the ceiling like downlights. 

With that said, flush mount lights are great for providing general lighting by projecting ambient light over a large area. At the same time, flush mount fixtures are also ideal and popularly used for smaller homes and areas with low ceiling heights. This is because such smaller spaces would probably be overshadowed by pendant lights (which will be further covered below), and the usage of flush mounts would be a great way to counter this.

As flush mounts are often the most prevalent variety of light fixtures, there is a wide range of style and budget alternatives for people from all walks of life. Since they are also generally simple and unobtrusive, they can be adapted to fit well with any type of interior design styling in your home. As such, homeowners who prefer simplicity and versatility can consider installing flush mounts in their homes. 

#3 Pendant Lights
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For those who prefer visually appealing and stylish lighting fixtures in their homes, pendant lights may be what you are looking for! A pendant light is a type of light fixture that dangles from the ceiling, and it can illuminate the general area with strong ambient lighting. 
With that said, one reason why pendant lights are so popular is due to their versatility. In fact, pendant lights are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs, allowing you to achieve virtually any appearance you like for the chosen space in your house. 

That also means you can definitely find a pendant light that suits your needs, and preferences, and at the same time, enhance the aesthetics of your home. However, pendant lights need to be carefully picked as the size of the rooms and overall space in your home need to be taken into account before choosing the size and style of pendant light fixtures to be installed in your home. 

This is because having a big pendant light fixture can make a small room feel restrictive. On the other hand, having a small pendant light fixture may appear to look lost and out of place in a large space. Therefore, while pendant lights are versatile and can definitely enhance any space in your home, it is critical to pick the right pendant light. 

#4 Track Lights 
Track lights are another great option for those who appreciate versatility as they make for great accent and task lighting. These lights use a track that is fixed onto the ceiling, with several light fixtures that are spaced out continually across the track. 

They are a great choice for accent lighting, as each light bulb can be rotated in differing directions to put the spotlight on different areas of the house, such as statement décor like artworks. They can also be used as task lighting in an open concept space with a dynamic space layout. 


Choosing the correct type of lighting can help to illuminate your interior without taking up unnecessary floor space. Be sure to ue this guide when you are choosing your ceiling lights during your home renovation process!

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