An Industrial Modern Mix

With a mix of industrial and modern designs, Tan Studio has given this home a unique makeover. Designed as an in-between of modern and a retro-industrial look, the design brings out an artistic flare with the combination of the two styles. The floor tiles chosen reflect this choice, large and unpolished, the tiles have a very earthy look to them like naturally harvested stone. With each tile having a unique design, the design is exciting and unpredictable. The unpolished surface also absorbs light better, preventing the house from becoming too bright and compliments the industrial look.

Tan Studio entry way with different lighting

From the entry way, a mix of different types of lights keeps the design vibrant. Yellow lamps hanging above the dining table keeps things modern with their contemporary designs, while studio and track lights shine against the side wall. The effect helps to diffuse the light from the source, which keeps the room lit up, but does not cause strain on the eyes. The tinted mirror across the dining area ‘extends’ the room, making the entry way look even wider. The tint also prevents the room from becoming too bright and glaring since the light reflected from it is much softer.

Tan Studio living space with natural elements

The living space has been designed with many natural elements to it. With a granite like finish behind the television console, and a matching grey coloured sofa, the room takes on many industrial-like elements, but still retains a modern look to it. With the floating television console, the essentials for lounging here are kept neatly and any mess is well hidden within the drawers. The light from behind the television console is well diffused across the ceiling, lighting up the room completely while avoiding any strain to those in it.

Tan Studio wood grain finishes in kitchen

Wood grain finishes in the kitchen keeps the design homey and warm against the bright polished white tiles around the cooking area. Flushing all the cupboards and drawers to the sides, the walk way in the kitchen is kept clear, making it convenient to cook, moving food from the preparation area against one wall, to the stove tops on the opposite wall. A customized cupboard blends the fridge into the design of the room

Tan Studio black glass kitchen backsplash

Black glass behind the stove keeps the cooking area easy to clean, and hides dirt well. Especially useful for those who cook and fry often as oil stains can be quickly cleaned off.

Tan Studio simple and functional bathroom

Simple and straightforward, as a bathroom should be. Keeping the design easy to use and functional ensures the room stays practical and functional. Opting for an open shower concept, the area has been creatively split with the use of tiles integrated into the design.

Tan Studio first bedroom with yellow lighting

Kept relatively straightforward, this first bedroom may not have the frills or bells of more luxurious rooms, but there is a certain beauty in its minimalist nature. With yellow lighting going across the ceiling, you can transition towards your restful night of sleep with ease as you slowly dim the lights within the room. Used as a guest bedroom, the pull-out bed gives you more room to host friends overnight, while a small simple desk area is more than enough for light work.

Tan Studio modern contemporary bedroom

In the next bedroom, the design draws inspiration from contemporary sources. The glossy finish to the cupboard keeps the room looking modern, while the desk area uses the classic blend of black and white colours to aid the style. Studio spotlights also add a flare to the design, keeping things exciting and creative. The lighting choice also allows for more light within the room since each individual light can cover a different area of the room.