An Industrial Styled Home With Bold Details

Designer: In2space ID Group

Industrial styled interiors are all the rage now. From cafes, to offices to even homes, the industrial look has a particular draw that has allowed it to re-emerge as a popular up and coming design in the modern look. In2space has successfully employed this trend into their latest project, making bold choices and breaking down the industrial design to meet minimalist functionality, they have constructed quite an exquisite home.

From the entryway of the home, you can immediately tell what the design of this space is. With black track lighting, orange tungsten lights and dark teak laid on matte black supports, the industrial design is very obviously evident. The attraction of such a look is complimented by the minimalist touches used. Keeping the room simple and neat, the dining and living space can be easily combined, without either feeling as if there was a compromise in space.

The warm lighting above the table top accentuate the industrial look with retro tungsten lighting matched with an exciting geometric light ‘cage’ to encase the bulbs. This modern twist on an old-school design keeps the design up to date while keeping the original integrity.

In2space ID Group living room with track lighting

A closer look at the living room lets you have a good look at the track lighting on the ceiling. Extending from the very entrance of the home and branching out to the kitchen, dining area and living room, the track lights are almost like a ‘guide’ for people to follow. The plastic casing extending throughout the interior of the home keeps each section feeling connected and gives a strong sense of continuity and lets the home flow smoothly together.

The colour scheme in the area sticks to a darker grain. With matte black finishes on the sofa, chairs and fixtures, paired with dark teak planks, the room has a grittier and tougher look to it which is useful executing an authentic industrial-like design.

In2space ID Group industrial kitchen

In the kitchen the industrial look is very fitting. With the continued use of track lights and exposed PVC piping, the room looks like a mix between a studio and a kuche. The sliding chopping board makes for a creative solution to preparation as it can easily slide across and stay over the sink for quick and easy cleaning. The dark granite finish leaves and air of professionalism and class, keeping the kitchen looking professional and serious.

In2space ID Group bedroom with studio lights and shutters

The first bedroom plays on the success of the rest of the home. Multiple sets of studio lights set upon black PVC tracks ensure adequate lighting in the room. With 4 sets of spot lights placed strategically across the room, there is always perfect lighting no matter where you are. Ingeniously, the lights shine directly towards the walls and cupboards, giving a softer reflected lighting to the room. This lets the room stay well lit, while preventing direct glare to the users.

The shutters make for a notable replacement to curtains. Shutters fit the industrial look much better, using the same shades of black and intensity of the woodgrain. They can also be cleaned much more easily than curtains, giving them a longer shelf-life and usability.

In2space ID Group master bedroom

The master bedroom is the last area of the house which has an absolutely stunning design. Built to resemble a personal cave, the room stands out from the rest of the house completely. Starting with the floors, instead of the polished porcelain tiles used in the living area, or parquet flooring in the other bedrooms, the master bedroom uses marble floor tiles, making it much more elegant and sophisticated than the other rooms. The custom-built headboard has a lining of concrete finish around the soft grey cushion. As if it had been meticulously chiselled out of the very rock itself, it comes out as a real work of art. Using soft yellow lighting, the room retains a natural look to it, like the soft glow of sunshine, the light is much more gentle and helps to build up the natural look of the room.