Go back to nature this season with earth tones and nature-inspired decor that would definitely create a cozy atmosphere in your home.


rich green living room wall


Pine, moss and emerald green walls are all the rage this season. So why not paint your accent wall with a luxurious coat of beautiful forest green paint? You can also opt for a rich green wallpaper if you are unsure of whether to commit. Either way, your home would surely look warm and inviting. The stunning green wall would look especially divine with complementary earth-tone furnishing.



Why stop at nature-inspired hues when you can have nature brought into your house? That’s right, houseplants are a marvellous way of sprucing up your home! On top of that, they simultaneously filter the air in your home, leaving you with a cleaner and fresher atmosphere. If you don’t have a green thumb, fret not! Succulents are easy to care for and would look magnificent in your home.


woven lampshades

Wicker isn’t solely for chairs – woven lampshades create a coastal and rustic ambience. Coupled with the warm radiance from the lamp, these natural lampshades exude an air of coziness as you read a book and/or drink a cup of tea this rainy season. Not to mention, they’ll look absolutely charming in your nature-inspired apartment!