Balcony Ideas For Your New Home

Having a balcony may have seemed like a luxury in the past, reserved for the more affluent staying in private housing. But with upcoming HDBs sporting modern designs and chic new layouts, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a 4-room flat with a small balcony. So let’s look at some ideas you can use for a balcony, other than for sun-drying clothes (because with dryers and racks at the kitchen, why waste the balcony space).

Al Fresco DiningAl Fresco Dining for balcony


Set a romantic candlelit dinner for you and your loved one with an al fresco dining experience from the comfort of your own home. A home cooked meal will always create warm and fuzzy feelings of affection and set under the moonlight with a few candles as the evening breeze gently kisses your faces is nothing short of a perfect way to spend the night. Or how about a Sunday brunch spent outside with the cool air and fresh breeze blowing as you enjoy the sights and sounds around you?

Simple outdoor furniture is all you need to set this up, just a simple table and a bench or a few chairs is all it takes to get your own al fresco dining experience set up.

Relaxing Reading Area

Balony Relaxing Reading Area


A quiet cozy corner of the house is all you need to read a book, and the balcony is a great place for you to isolate yourself and fully immerse yourself into the enthralling pages and stories. Set up a small swing chair, or a comfortable sofa where you can sit for hours diving into your favorite novel. It’s especially great if inside the house is too noisy, or if you just prefer having a better view as you read.

Balcony cozy corner


Why not double up and make it a couple’s reading area with an even bigger sofa. This is great for couples who enjoy reading together, with enough space to make yourselves comfortable whichever way you like.

Make it into a relaxing zone

Balcony Zen garden


If you need some rest and relaxation at the end of the day, why not consider turning your balcony into somewhere you can go to unwind and forget the stresses you’ve been facing. With so many possibilities to consider, you design it as a zen garden, a rock garden or just have a bit of plastic grass covering the surface so you can do yoga when you need to calm the nerves. If you’re high up enough, you’ll even have a great view of your surroundings (or even the sea if you’re close enough to it!), perfect for meditation and soothing your jitters.

Balcony small dining corner


You can even keep a small corner for dining and reserve the rest as an area to work out! Perfectly sized for those Tabatha workouts to keep you in shape.

Green it up

Balcony herb and spice garden


If you love gardening and plants, you’d surely want to have some greenery in your house wouldn’t you. With balconies, you can keep the green, yet save the potential mess and dirt, of having a garden in your flat. Create a garden of edible herbs and spices for your cooking needs, or liven up your home with a splash of green just outside.

Balcony hanging garden


You can even get creative and make a hanging garden. Mix it up with different types of plants and add a pop of color to your balcony.

Make it a Play Area

Balcony play area


For those with kids, you could turn the balcony into their play area. This makes it easier to clean up (and limit how much of the house they mess up while playing). Put a few toys and games for them like a play house or a small tent and leave the rest to their imagination. Just be careful to make sure the ledges are high enough that they can’t climb over or install some grilles to prevent any accidents.