Balcony Inspirations That Will Make You Use The Space More Often

The purpose of balconies has not changed much since it made its debut more than two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. Today, it is still used to improve air circulation and enhance natural light into the living space. Now that there are more apartments and condominiums around, balconies are a desired extension to any unit. Let us show you some balcony inspirations we have collected so you can have an idea on how to decorate it and make it functional.

Cosy Haunt

Balcony with collapsible balcony folding deck table
Image from The Trendy Chic Blog

You don’t need a big balcony to have a nice hangout space. Invest in a collapsible balcony folding deck table, and you can catch the sunset with a cup of tea and a good book in hand. As for your balcony chairs, you can always source unwanted wooden pallets and DIY it into deckchairs. For extra comfort, prop the chairs up with cushions.

We don’t advise having cushions that are not detachable because when it rains, soaking wet cushions are not easy to dry out.

To enhance the aesthetics of the outdoors, decorate with a few potted plants.

Biophilic Balcony

Biophilic Balcony
Image from Homey Homies

If rustic balcony inspirations are not your style, opt for structured stainless steel deck chairs. However, you could always hunt for cute metal deck chairs at second-hand stores. Give it a good spray down to whatever colour you want, and that is about what you need for a popping balcony.

We always suggest plants because it cools down the outdoors as afternoons in our tropical climate can be quite “over-the-top”. Try fixing a grid for climbing plants to creep. It will create a juxtaposition of organic and inorganic within the space.

Alfresco Hangout

Balcony - Alfresco Hangout
Image from dicasdemulher

If your balcony is more spacious and shaded during most of the day, consider recreating an alfresco dining space!

Though it might need the help of an interior designer and a contractor to style it functionally, imagine how small parties will be in the future? Chilling out on the balcony with a glass of wine and antipasti before main meals are served will be a vibe.

Fix a rotating fan if you think it might get a little warm.

Garden Spot

Balcony with Garden Spot
Image from Homelisty

When we moved from landed properties to apartments, we had to give up garden space, much to the dismay of green thumbs. However, plants can flourish in balconies too.

You could set up a vertical garden and see your flowers and greens flourish. Get a balcony table, and chair set from IKEA and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Having a beautiful balcony does not need to cost a lot.

Herb Harvest

Balcony with Herb Harvest
Image from Homelisty

Alternatively, you can start growing herbs and edible plants at your balcony. Chilli padi, basil, rosemary, mint, and other leafy vegetables grow well in our tropical climate.

For apartment units located at lower levels, it can sometimes attract mosquitoes. Plant lemongrass, catnip or citronella grass to repel them.

Add a small water feature to up your balcony game. Having the sound of running water outdoors is relaxing, perfect for a time-out session after a long day at work.

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