It is hard to choose bathroom flooring as you have to factor in the wet floors and the safety of your loved ones. On top of that, the normal factors such as durability, cost and aesthetics also play a huge role in your choice. Here are some of our suggestions for your consideration.


These tiles check in all our boxes. They are waterproof, relatively cheap and incredibly stylish. They come in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures so youcan easily find one that suits your preference. However, some tiles have the tendency of being very slippery, so you may want to ensure that you choose more textured tiles to reduce the chances of slipping and falling, especially if you have children or elderly members in your family.

ceramic tiled bathroom
ceramic tiled bathroom


Vinyl flooring is fairly inexpensive, water resistant and beautiful – making it a popular choice for bathrooms. It also comes in various patterns and colours so the possibilities are endless! It can even mimic other types of flooring like stone or wood. If you want impressive, high performance bathroom flooring at a low cost, vinyl flooring is a fantastic option for you.

vinyl flooring bathroom


Natural stone will look extremely elegant and fabulously chic in your bathroom. However, some stones like marble may be slippery, so do ensure you choose your flooring wisely. You can get a more textured stone like slate or you can sandblast your stone, to prevent any possible accidents. Also check if the natural stone is water-resistant before committing to anything. Natural stone is definitely more expensive than the previous materials so it is a better option for those who plan to splurge on bathroom flooring.

stone flooring bathroom