Battle of the kitchen countertops – Quartz Versus KompacPlus

Battle of the kitchen countertops  – Quartz Versus KompacPlus

One of the chief spaces in the home is the kitchen. In the kitchen, the surface we are in contact with the most is the kitchen countertop. Though it is not the first thing we notice, it is one piece of furnishing that we rely heavily on in terms of function.

There are many options for kitchen top surfaces you can choose from; think wood, granite, marble, laminate, quartz, and KompacPlus. But today, we want to compare two materials that are highly rated – quartz and KompacPlus!

But first –

What is Quartz?

If your answer is something derived from stone, you are quite right!

Unlike other stone materials, quartz is not 100% natural stone. It is commonly made out of 95% ground quartz and 5% polymer resins (a type of plastic). Cheaper versions have a higher percentage of resin.

What is KompacPlus?

As the name suggests, Kompacplus is made from the process of compacting material. In this case, it is the compacting of layers of Kraft paper and hardened by resins. It is then put under high-pressure point and heat, creating a thin 6-milimetre layer. It will then be installed on top of a base, which in most cases, is plywood.

Comparing Quartz and KompacPlus


grey quartz counter top from HGTV
Credit: HGTV
Quartz looks like an expensive material as it reflects lights, creating a brighter kitchen setting. As compared to KompacPlus, it brings a higher resale value to the home when maintained well. It is also highly customisable (in terms of colour and natural pattern).Made from Kraft paper and resin, it will not give a glossy and sparkly finish similar to quartz. They carry a slightly dull colour but may be custom ordered to look like wood.

Heat resistance

Credit: Square Rooms
Though pretty resistant to heat, it is still advisable to use heating pads at all times before placing hot pans and pots on the surface as excessive heat might damage it.It will not disintegrate from high temperatures and is inherently low flammability.

Scratch or stain resistance

Quartz is stain resistant as the gaps between the stones have been filled by polymer. However, it is not stain-proof. Do wipe off liquids as soon as you can, especially coloured liquids.KompacPlus is extremely stain resistant. Sauces and spills can be left as it is (and all dried up) for up to 24 hours, and it still can be cleaned easily with a household cleaner and cloth.


Brown kompacplus counter top in a kitchen
Quartz is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with mild soap and cloth is sufficient. Do not use bleach.KompacPlus requires minimal care too. The occasional wipe-down with mild soap and cloth will do. Easy clean-up after a big cook-off!


White marble countertop for your kitchen
Among other stone types, quartz is durable (it is even harder than granite and non-porous).Highly durable, it is waterproof, dense, and non-porous.


A brown kompacplus countertop that mimic the look of wood
Credit: 9 creation
In Singapore, Quartz of mid-range quality are priced from $120 to $150 per square foot. It may be priced higher depending on the quality and make. Check with your contractor if the price includes a warranty.KompacPlus costs about $120 per square foot, depending on the supplier. Check with your contractor if the price includes a warranty.


Black marble countertop with blue cabinets in a kitchen
Credit: Black Lacquer Design
Quartz is an abundant mineral on earth. It is unlikely that we will run out of quartz, and there is no mining needed to acquire it. Therefore it is more eco-friendly to get quartz than any other natural stone countertop.Primarily made from paper, it is sustainable and lasts a very long time.

Both Quartz and KompacPlus have pros and cons. Look at your budget as quartz can be a little on the pricier side as compared to KompacPlus. You also want to determine the type of finish you want. Depending on what you like, you can opt for either one as both of them are highly desired as countertop materials because they are both durable and resilient to wear and tear even after years of heavy use.

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