Be Home Smart: Get Starke Digital Locks For Your Home

How safe are you in your home? While it is not common that thieves will break down your front door, because all the busybodies aunties in the neighbourhood will know and their attempt to do a break-in will not materialise, they may break a lock with special equipment. To protect your family and belongings, to ensure your guard is up at the front door. No, we don’t mean you hire a guard, but how about a digital lock that allows you to enter your home fuss-free but keep it extra safe from outsiders?

Introducing Starke Digital Locks, whose makers are in the door-lock industry for close to 20 years, providing fool-proof lock solutions for many homes in Singapore.

They have four different types of locks, and we will be zooming in to each of them, so you know which is best for your home!

Starke Seamless™ Rim

Starke Digital Lock - Starke Seamless™ Rim

Simple and seamless, the Starke Seamless™ Rim is their signature, award-winning German-designed digital lock.

No knobs, no problem! This compact design exudes futuristic modernity that is best for homes. To unlock, you can choose to scan your fingerprint or card. Alternatively, key in the password or open via the mobile app.

Priced at $599.90, it comes with free installation too!

Starke Seamless™ Désignerin

Starke Digital Lock- Starke Seamless™ Désignerin

Made to resemble traditional knobs we are used to for opening doors, the Starke Seamless™ Désignerin combines the best of functionality and elegance. After unlocking using either your fingerprint, card, passcode, or mobile app, you’ll have to unhinge the door by turning the handle. It is suited for medium-sized doors as its dimension is 270 x 70 x 20mm.

Priced at $599.90, we’d say this is a steal!

Starke Seamless™ Högher Push-Pull

Starke Digital Lock -Starke Seamless™ Högher Push-Pull

Slightly higher priced than their other digital locks is the Starke Seamless™ Högher Push-Pull. However, don’t give this a miss as the added function is a German-designed Starke Advanced Push-Pull Lock.

What does that mean?

See the bronze square surface? It is a knob that makes opening and closing as easy as a simple push-and-pull, especially useful when your hands are full from your shopping haul. The touch screen number pad is scratch-proof and water-resistant too. Suited for medium-sized doors its dimension is 270 x 70 x 20mm.

Priced at $699.90, it is a $100 discount from the usual price!

Starke Seamless™ Länge

Starke Digital Lock -Starke Seamless™ Länge

Here comes the crowd favourite, the Starke Seamless™ Länge, enhanced to suit larger doors. Because so many customers have requested that they launch a longer version of the Starke Seamless™ Désignerin, they have heeded their call! It retains every feature of its original version that was loved by customers worldwide so you don’t have to worry about quality and functionality. It’s dimensions are 335 x 70 x 20mm.

BUT WAIT, if you think that is all – IT’S NOT!

All of Starke’s digital locks come with free installation, free refunds, and a three-year warranty.

Their advanced ultra-sensitive sensor technology is the most responsive lock interface yet. It is totally not like hotel digital locks that take forever for you to enter. In 0.5 seconds, it will unlock with either a press, scan, or tap.

Zoom, zoom, zoom – because nobody has time for delays!

Even if you are living with your in-laws (or outlaws) the Stake Digital Lock can store up to 100 unique fingerprints so the people that need to enter the home can get access.

Plus, there is no charging or worry about when the lock will ‘die-out’. No additional work or battery replacement is needed for the next three years upon installation – guaranteed!

The most important function of a lock is to keep the people and property within the home, safe! Starke’s sensitivity to any form of security breach is said to be unmatched. It is linked with a concealed intrusion alarm, preventing even the slighted tampering, whether on-site or remote.

At $599.90 from the usual price of $999.90, you don’t have to look any further, Starke Seamless™ Länge holds the key to your home!

Don’t take our word from it, here it from users themselves:

MAZLIN GHEE – July 29, 2020

The lock is the ultra-modern type that can be used seamlessly without any hassle. I love the fact that I can just use my fingerprint to control my doors. Very happy to have ordered.

VINITHA M. – June 30, 2020

Highly recommended Digital Lock. Just add your fingerprints and good to go. Comes with many additional features which is a plus for sure. The installation guys came in soon after the product arrived and did the installation perfectly.

JOE CHONG – May 15, 2020

Good thing they offer a larger lock cos our front door is slightly bigger than normal. At the same price too! The technicians took a longer time because of our metal door but they were very professional. The $40 for welding is a sum well-spent I feel, especially for the quality of work. Highly recommended!

RACHEL LIM – May 15, 2020

Purchase and installation done in just three days! Very happy with the product. Highly sensitive sensor. Entering the house with just a touch of the finger is just the best. You won’t regret changing.

The sale won’t last for long. Head over to Starke Digital Locks to know more.

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