Be Inspired by these Four Japanese Styled Homes

Japanese furnishings and interior design are favoured by many who are moving into their new homes. It is all attributed to the simplistic and minimalistic architecture and design. Walking into a Muji store invokes feelings of a neat and fuss-free home, something most of us try to achieve with our already-renovated homes. Today, we present four Japanese styled homes with hopes to inspire you to create your little zen haven at home too.

Only Essentials

First up, we look at this refreshing, yet homey take on a Japanese-styled home at 520 Balestier Road. Designed by Starry Homestead, the unit carries neutral hues that are further enhanced by warm recessed lighting.

Starry Homestead Japanese style living room

When looking to design a Japanese-styled home, think of Marie Kondo and the art of decluttering. In this open concept living and dining area, the furnishings are minimal with maximum functionality. Furniture is pushed toward the walls (except the coffee table) preventing the space from feeling cramped.

Starry homestead japanese style living area

Instead of using wooden flooring (as expected in most Japanese homes) the use of white marble for tiles and tabletop brightens the whole area. The full-length mirror at the dining area creates an illusion of an airier surrounding. The cushioned dining bench works marvellously well with the cushioned seats.

Starry homestead japanese style foyer

Decor placement is a prominent aspect of Japanese culture. There is a guide on how to do decorations that represent growth and regeneration. Here, we see an example of this culture represented in the growing height of liquor bottles at the entryway to the home.

Fine Lines and Wooden Spines

We check out this HDB unit at Clementi Avenue 1, designed by Omni Design. The interior is fashioned with more use of wood, using simple lines with precision. The Japanese have long relied on wood as their dominant construction material when it comes to building structures; today we move toward that line of design.

Omni Design Japanese style living area

There are only two colour schemes in this home, white and wooden brown. It induces the feeling of peace; sit next to the pothos plant, and you might even achieve zen!

Omni design - timber featured display unit

A divider consisting of slanting timber panels separate the entryway to the rest of the home. It is erected to stop passers-by on having an instant total view of the living room.

Omni design japanese style living and dining area

We absolutely love how this home can be stylish without the need for extra designs on furnishings. The traditional eastern style uses as little furniture and objects as possible to maintain spaciousness.

Omni design japanese style wardrobe or storage

Even if you can’t attach a sliding door in your unit, consider having sliding doors for your wardrobe. It is space-saving and stable as there is no need to fix hinges on them.

Japanese Cottage

Having a minimalist Japanese-inspired home doesn’t mean you need to have it looking like a sanitised hospital room – far from that!

Look at this gorgeous yet homey HDB unit at Blk 312B Clementi Ave 4 by In2Space ID Group.

in2space japanese style living room

Designed with a mix of modern and Japanese design in mind, the living room is spacous and well lit. The television console with Japanese-style wood panelling. We love that stool that seamlessly slides into the bare space at the bottom.

Instead of curtains, opt for “paper” blinds like the ones they have here. It filters out harsh light, softening the look of the room.

in2space japanese style kitchen

It is not common for Japanese homes to have a bar table for meals, but let’s make this an exception and look at the built-in cabinets in the kitchen. Japanese kitchens are usually more compact, with items stowed away in compartmented storage.

All About Aesthetics

If you are not too keen on being a minimalist but, still want your home to be Japanese-inspired, you could do what 3D Innovations did with this HDB unit at 219D Bedok.

Want a sofa that reminds you of the cushions in Japan? Merge them both, and you’ll have this plush sofa. Instead of the usual white and brown setting in many minimalist Japanese homes, add another neutral colour!

3d innovation japanese style dining area

Space is prime real estate in Japanese design. Create space instead of trying to fill it up with stuff. The built-in cupboard makes the perfect furnishing to stow away home equipment and toys (if you have children).

3d innovation japanese style bathroom

Japanese toilets are nothing close to traditional. We love this modern-style toilet with the use of wood accents for their open shelving in the basin area. 

3d innovation japanese style bedroom

Maybe a tatami is not exactly the most comfortable bed, but that does not mean you throw away your Japanese concept bedroom out the window. Consider a plush comforter and set it on an elevated bed that looks like wooden platforms usually seen in Japanese homes.

What are your takeaways from this brief look at four homes? Simple changes like moving furniture away to the corners, sticking to minimally-designed furniture and adding a small plant feature could change the look and feel of the home.

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