A Beautiful 3-Room Apartment at the Heart of Ang Mo Kio

This 3 room flat situated in the well-planned area of Ang Mo Kio. It’s an excellent space for newlyweds, couples, or singles who have no children yet. It’s designed by In2Space to specifically create the essence of a devil-may-care outlook of people who live by their own rules. It’s an open design that makes it look and feel a lot bigger than it is while also keeping things extremely intimate. The change of patterns in the flooring effectively creates a clean break between each section of the main living space. The sort-of-anteroom’s centrepiece is a shelf that could feature the homeowner’s most beloved possessions such as shoes or pictures.

Anteroom and Living Room

In2Space anteroom

You are greeted by a shelf where homeowners and guests can leave their shoes and belongings so the main living space inside is never cluttered. The table where people can leave their keys, wallets, and phones is also a nice touch to raise the level of intimacy of the main living quarters. This is a great way for working couples who would like to spend less time decluttering and more time bonding after a long day’s work. The unity between the receiving area and the living room creates a relaxing ambiance. The visual connectivity raises the coziness of the space inviting dwellers and houseguests to move into the main living room.

General Work Area (Kitchen, Laundry, Dining)

In2Space Machuca tiles in dining and kitchen

On the other hand, the pattern disruption of that the Machuca tiles in the dining room/kitchen presents offers a clean break in mood. The change in flooring effectively changes from a welcoming relaxed vibe in the living room to a more focused disposition in the main work area of the property. This helps in keeping focus for the days when the dwellers choose to utilize the fully equipped kitchen for creating their masterpieces. The dining table effectively serves as a centre aisle so there’s definitely space to work for gourmands and home cooks.

In2Space custom dining chair and table

There’s a lot more work other than eating and cooking that can be done in the room, however. The dining table’s height is an optimal design to use as a standing desk if homeowners are desk jockeys likes to sit in front of the computer for hours. The custom chairs are also comfortable enough to be used for hours on end despite its height. Because this room also houses the washing machine and dryer, it truly is the center of productivity in the home.

Tone-Setting Decorative Pieces

In2Space plain white painted wall with decals

Aside from the machuca tiles that adorn the kitchen/dining room, the rest of the apartment is painted plain white. It perfectly complements the black, grey, and white combination of the furniture. Decals near the light switches subtly sets the tone of the entire home. The black on white texts reinforce a go-getter-attitude to help dwellers get on with the daily grind.


In2Space sliding bedroom door

The bedroom, so they say, is where the magic happens. The sliding door allows for a lot of magic to happen as it does not obstruct movement within the room when it is open unlike traditional doors. A queen sized bed also fits inside ensuring a good night’s sleep in any position. The cabinets, headboard, and doors are painted black that makes a luxurious and relaxing mix of colors that’s perfect for the bedroom.


In2Space minimal design bathroom

The only bathroom in the apartment is inside the bedroom. Its minimal design language blends well with the tone that the entire property aims to accomplish. For a more detailed look at luxurious design, be sure to check out In2Space reviews.