Beautiful Bidadari homes for your inspiration

August 4th 2022

Beautiful Bidadari homes for your inspiration

Bidadari is known for its scenic views and convenient location. What you may not know is that many of the homes there have beautiful interior designs that almost seem to be the finishing touch to the lovely neighbourhood. If you’ve been looking for inspiration for your own home interior then these Bidadari homes are definitely a few you should look at! 

110B Bidadari Park Drive

This wooden-accented home is reminiscent of an onsen. The home features various types and shades of wood that complement each other seamlessly. 

Eclectic tiles, an arched mirror and wooden cabinets all come together to create a stunning foyer in this home. This just showcases the level of detail and creativity that was involved in coming up with this design. 

The dining area can be both a hyper and bright place to have a dinner party, or an intimate cosy setting, all with the help of ambient lighting. The pretty overhead light fixture can alter the mood of the dining area when appropriate. 

If you weren’t aware you might’ve thought that this bathroom picture was taken straight from a hotel magazine. The table décor and marble / wooden pairing makes for a lovely bathroom. 

A unique carpentry choice was made in the bedroom to integrate the bedside table with the shelving unit. This gives you a neat corner for your Knick knacks and phone before you go to sleep for the night.

105B Bidadari Park Drive

Another home in Bidadari Park Drive also has a contemporary concept but a slightly different execution. This home features a darker colour palette and emphasises on down lighting to create a more intimate ambience.

As seen in the photos, the living room has a clean contemporary look that focuses on the sharpness of lines and geometry.

A cool thing to note about the bedroom is that the privacy screen fits accentuates the lines throughout the room and home.

The kitchen has an island for the dining area and stunning marble walls that contrast with the black cabinets. The marbled walls also highlight the elegance of the kitchen.

Under-cabinet lighting is a fashionable way of illuminating the kitchen.

Just from the pictures, you can probably tell that this bedroom would be so comfortable to sleep in! With warm lights and dark cabinets, you’ll surely be excited to tuck into bed every night.

The work space in this home also has an impressive set-up and can surely accommodate several people working at the same time.

The bathrooms have a slightly different design but all of them surround the theme of comfort, class and sophistication with the ambient lighting and wooden textures.

103B Bidadari Park Drive

This home can be described as a breath of fresh air because of its vibrancy and cleanliness.

The dining area and living room complement each other very well and the dining table is smartly placed such that you can have a look at the television while enjoying your meal.

The quaint kitchen in this home is suitable for light cooking and has the effect of making you feel excited to prepare your own meals.

The bedroom is compartmentalised to the closet and bed area so that you won’t be distracted while in bed. This also maximises the closet space available in the home.

The bathroom’s cute décor and under-cabinet lighting creates an endearing look that complements the rest of the home.

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