Beautiful Contemporary Design

May 12th 2023

Creative Studioz is a well-established interior design firm in Singapore. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the designers at Creative Studioz are highly professional and have an extensive portfolio of all their beautiful projects. The designers have come up from vintage and traditional designs to elaborate and modern ones.

Creative Studioz can transform any ordinary space into a stunning home, such as this simple flat located in a high-rise residence in Yishun. The designer adopted a more contemporary design, which is very suited for our urban environment and is also a timeless look. Walking through this house will prove to you just how talented the designers are.

Even from the doorway, you’ll notice the designer’s interesting use of lines and geometry to create some visual depth in the room. The designer also decided on a beautiful white marble for the cabinet/display shelf which elevates the elegance of the home.

From this angle, you can see more uses of lines and geometry to create a more exciting space. The designer also incorporated different materials and textures that make the living room seem less mundane. The television is also mounted at just the right angle for comfortable viewing from the couch.

A cool little detail is that the display case has a striking red light across the back, allowing the homeowners to draw attention to their impressive figurines.

Despite the kitchen being smaller and narrow, the designer maximized the space by lining both walls with kitchen cabinets and countertops. Additionally, there is even a standing rack for the storage of pots, pans, and other bulky items.

The dining room is situated right outside the kitchen and next to the living room. This simple layout allows for an easy flow of movement within the house. The kitchen table features the same white marble as the cabinet from earlier. This enhances the regal feel of the home.

The bedroom looks like it is made for a king and will definitely entice you to have a good rest after a long day. This king-sized bed is situated between the vanity table and a side cabinet, which has a built-in bedside table.

The vanity table has a unique quarter-circle-shaped mirror that is backlit. This creates a calming ambiance that is suitable for the bedroom. The wall also has vertical panels that help draw your eyeliner upward and creates the impression of a taller room.

Last but definitely not least, is the bathroom. The bathroom is neatly compartmentalized as the shower area is separated by a sliding glass panel. This prevents water from splashing into the rest of the toilet, which is not only a safety concern, but can promote the growth of mold.

The other bathroom has a slightly industrial look because of the pipes that run through the ceiling to the floor. While some designers might find this unsightly, the designer made a smart and interesting choice to emphasize the pipes in the final design. The black pipes tie in with the marbled walls by creating a stunning contrast.

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