The beautiful Project Of Compassvale Walk

By James Frankurt , Sep 13, 2018
The beautiful Project Of Compassvale Walk

This HDB 5-room flat’s renovation had cost a total of eighty-thousand dollars, and every single cent had been worth the payment. The cost includes carpentry work, flooring, hacking, tiling works and painting. Installation of false ceilings, air-conditioning, electrical wiring and plumbing were included as well. The payment only did not include the cost of furniture, appliances and wallpapers. The size of this resale apartment is about 1250 square meters. With an estimation of 7 weeks for renovation, project completion was around May to June. The revamp of the house, completed by the team of Livinz Synthesis, has resulted in a neat and modernized design, with cool colors surrounding the house, and a few brightly painted areas livening up the atmosphere. Living Room

Livinz Synthesis modern-ancient fusion living room

The living room sets a theme of modern-ancient fusion: Contemporary furniture line the room, and decorative antiques adorn the shelves. The living room is well-spaced in the sense that it remains suitable for lounging around and relaxing. Natural sunlight filters in during the day, bringing warmth to the flooring design imitating wooden planks, hence bringing in a rustic touch to the living room. The walls are decorated with wooden frames which helps enhances the blank white walls. Spotlights strategically placed around helps to focus attention in certain areas of the living room. A table in the centre of the room allows the homeowners or visitors to place their belongings, and the ideal placement of chairs and sofas allows the family to sit and relax together after a long day of work or school.

Livinz Synthesis decorative shelves with medals and plants

Shelves beside the television allow owners to show off their decorative items such as plates, medallions, or even small plants. The shelf under the television also allows storage of items and decorative plants. The wall behind the television stands out because of a different design from the surrounding walls, which is an ingenious method of bringing attention to certain parts of the house. Bathroom

Livinz Synthesis marble wall and concrete design bathroom
Livinz Synthesis built-in shelves and mirror cabinets for bathroom

The glass panels and mirrors in the bathroom create an illusion of a larger space, and the marble walls and concrete design around the bathroom allow for a fashionable and fresh look. Concave, built-in shelves and mirrored cabinets are available for storing soap and shampoo and helps save space at the same time. A seat for the elderly and parents bathing children is built into the shower room wall, hence making it suitable for the whole family to peruse the shower. Kitchen

Livinz Synthesis complementing white, blue and brown kitchen

The kitchen is brightly adorned in complimenting colours of white, blue and brown, and the cabinets in the kitchen are decorated with a wooden surface design which offers an innovative design to the kitchen, and the cupboard in the centre of the kitchen serves as a table or counter as well. The oven and dishwashers are in-built, hence saving space for anyone preparing food or walking around the kitchen. Good lighting offers a bright and well-lit space for anyone to work in, and the large countertop can be used for cooking, or even working if the homeowners get tired of sitting down at their table for long periods. Bedroom

Livinz Synthesis cool colours and wooden bedroom floor

The walls of the bedroom are painted in cool colours with a wooden design of the floors. The cupboard double acts as a partition for the room, allowing a greater use of space for the owner to move around. The ceiling spotlights in the room act as an alternative lighting when the owners want a softer glow to their room. If you want to find out more, you can visit the website of the Interior Design Firm: Livinz Synthesis at http://www.livinzsynthesis.com.sg