Bedroom ideas for your children

Whenever we write articles about interior design, we always missed out on one important group- kids! I guess we can all agree that providing a conducive and safe place for your children is important for them to grow, thrive, learn and play! So we can never take it lightly when it comes to decorating their bedroom. Of course, it is also important that your kid likes and feels comfortable sleeping in the bedroom as that will be their retreat after a long day in school. So, we have brought together a few designs that you can consider and hopefully gain some inspirations on how to go about designing the room.

1. Toy’s Wonderland

Fill your kid’s room with their favourite items! Toys, plushies, cars, robots or anything! It’s also another way to showcase the number of playthings they have!

2. Pretty in pink

Some parents are sceptical about painting bedroom pink as it may appear to be too loud. However, do bear in mind that there are different shades of pink to choose from! Furthermore, by playing with colours, you can still neutralise the tones in a bedroom.

3. Animal Theme

Spice up the bedroom with animals! It can be wallpapers, stickers, animal soft toys or even the bedsheets or blanket covers! Transform the room into a mini animal kingdom!

4. Lego bedrooms

Is your children a brainy builder? Fill up their private sanctuary with colourful blocks that can brighten up their room.

5. Travel theme

The world is a huge place. Let you children explore the wonder of the world, tucked in the comfort of their own space. I am sure it will be an eye opener for your children.

6. Travel in space

Is your children fascinated with the beauty of the space and solar systems? Design their rooms with space elements and leave them in awe every night before they head to bed!

7. Fairy tale wonderland

Give your children a fairy tale sprinkled with fairy dust, hopes and dreams. Enchant them with a room filled with imagination and dreams. Allow them to feel like a princess whenever they are home.

8. Marine theme

A nautical theme is good for kids who loves pirates, sea or anything to do with sailing. Most nautical theme comes with blue, white and red colours.

9. Movies in the making

Make your children’s favourite movie character come to live!

10. Sports maniac

Is your children a huge fan of sports? Well, design their room according to their favourite sports! Take it as a way to remind themselves on the passion they have on that sport.