Bedroom on a Budget – Furnished for less than $500

With the advent of Ikea, Scandinavian inspired living has become a cornerstone of the interior design world. With so many readily available units of furniture that slot seamlessly into any home, it’s no wonder Ikea has taken the world by storm, turning the cliché style into a classic look. While Ikea is famously known for selling furniture for cheap, it can be the saviour for budget-conscious homeowners while still giving its signature 10-year guarantee.

With these kinds of prices and the level of confidence in the quality, Ikea can be the smart choice for those on a tight budget. Not having to invest too much at once for your first set of furniture, while still getting something that can last until you’ve saved up for a complete overhaul.

Introducing the Tarva, this bed frame with the Luröy slatted bed base will set you back by just under $200. While it may not look like a budget bedframe, the exposed pine bed frame is a classic look, pairing perfectly with this minimalist style bedroom and keeping the room feeling warm and cosy with its natural look. The bed fits a queen-sized mattress, and with the open design, you can use the space below the bed as a storage space with the matching RÖMSKOG boxes.

If you’re really looking to scrimp, there’s also the Grimbsu and Luröy combination which goes for $129, saving you $70. But this set-up is even lower, so you won’t have too much storage space under the bed.

Mattress – From $149

While we don’t recommend you go spartan on your bed (after all a good nights sleep is the most important thing to get out of your bedroom), for the sake oft his article we’re looking at the bare minimum you can get by with, and in this case it’s the Beito sprung mattress. This mattress comes with an inner spring mechanism which helps to distribute your weight as you lie down on it.

If you have a little more money in the budget, you can consider the HÖVÅG (a pocket spring mattress for $499), or the Knapstad (a mattress pad for $269). The pocket spring mattress will offer a comfier nights rest with its individualised spring mechanism, while the Knapstad is a cool add on to any mattress with its dual sided cool and warm surfaces.

Drawers – $99

A simple chest of 3 drawers (plus the clothes rack below) should be enough storage space for the average person. The Askvoll drawers design of stained oak match the Tarva’s natural untreated pine exterior and keeps the style of the room congruent and tasteful.

Nothing too fancy here and the top of the drawers also serves as neat table space for any decorations or other trinkets.

Clothes Rack – $19.90

Two options here, the 99cm Mulig clothes rack [99cm] for $19.90, or the Mulig clothes bar [60-90cm] for $7.90. For the price of 1 rack, you can purchase 2 bars, almost doubling your available hanging space, but they’re fixed in position.

You can set the clothes bar right above your drawers like here and have the wall shelf just above that for even more storage space. While this fixes the bar in place, it can be a good choice if you’re already sure about where you want it, and you want to make use of the space above the drawers.

Nightstand – $16.90

Simple and minimalist, the KNARREVIK bedside table is the perfect companion for your bed. The two-tiered table gives you space for your books, alarm clock, spectacles, phone and much more. Keeping all the important things just an arms reach away, the bedside table is a quaint addition to keep your room functional and smooth.

Wall Shelf – $9

Or, you can swap out the bedside table for a small shelf, even more, minimal than the table, the overall look is clean and sharp.

Alternatively, the longer Lack shelf (110cm x 26 cm) goes for $19 and can be used for even more storage above your clothes rack or bar.


While realistically you’ll probably have to spend more than $500 to furnish your bedroom with just the basic necessities, going as bare as possible, and living with such spartan conditions, a bedroom on such a tight budget is possible shopping entirely from Ikea.

While the bedroom may look bare, it can be a suitable choice if you don’t have enough money to go all out and furnish to the nines, or you don’t want to buy mid-ranged furniture which you will replace in 2-3 years when you have enough money. Decorating with such a tight budget is never easy, but this saves you money you other wise won’t have to spend while saving up for your real bedroom, and it can be pretty fun to see just how far your dollar can be stretched!