Before & After: Finding Potential in Your Living Room

Every space, no matter how low or high the ceiling is, how much the light streams through, or how awkward the shape is, holds potential. Playing with colours, lighting, texture, and layout makes a huge difference. But first, you need to have a direction. Think about what you want to do with the room that you have and how you want it to make you feel. Then, you can discuss it with your interior designer to come up with a layout and colour theme that reflects you and your family.

In this article, we are going to look at a few before and after transformations in the living room. Some rooms are small and some rooms are big, but they all can look beautiful.

Set the Tone

Empty living room

The easiest way to design a space is when it is empty. If it is not, it just ups the challenge for the interior designer. But let’s look at the rectangle-shaped room with floor to ceiling windows that contributes a lot of natural light.

Modern Homey furnished living room

The tone of this living room is modern but homey. The cream-white walls are maintained as the backdrop for more colourful displays of art. Note that the bigger, bulkier items are quite neutral. The table, chairs, and the television console are clothed in brown, similar to the flooring. The sofa is fitted with grey upholstering; definitely not a feature article in this room.

The smaller items, however, are used to introduce colour. The green and grey wonton shaped footstool is placed on a rustic-motif colourful rug. The sizable pieces of modern art in turquoise, red, purple and yellow are hung on the walls. A nice touch of colour is also the baby-pink vase on the table.

Stylish Flooring

Parquet flooring living room

Look at the room and focus on the walls and flooring. It is not terrible but, it is not appealing either. The parquet flooring looks outdated and the rugs do not compliment it. It just looks like nothing has changed since the ’80s.

Neutral wooden laminated flooring living room

Look at what flooring and a new coat of paint can do for this space!

The original yellowing parquet tiles are replaced with laminated flooring in neutral wooden print (yes, it looks like real wood) and the chequered times in the kitchen have been swapped as well. It instantly makes the space so much larger.

The bulky pieces of furniture (dark cupboards and flouncy sofa) are replaced with minimalistic cream-coloured sofa and open concept shelves. Metallic accents and fiddle fig plants are also added to make the space a little more luxurious.

Arrange Furniture

Unfurnished living room

The living room is a place where owners host visitors. Therefore, it is important to imagine how many people you’d be able to entertain in your space. This is when the furniture comes to play.

Neutral-toned furnished living room

Now, you can see the space has been transformed. This very neutral-toned living room can easily accommodate nine to ten people. When there are not many people over, a conversation can resume with parties seated on the cream sofa.

It is comfortable for conversations. However, when there are more people, the make-shift coffee table is actually an ottoman. Clear it and you can accommodate more people. The area can be broken into two conversational groups too. The footstool is also a good addition to the living space.

The three main elements you should take note of when looking to design your living room is tone, flooring (and walls as well), and functionality. These three elements play a big role in how your living room will look like. Before talking to an interior designer, think about the tone of the room. Do you want it neutral, white with a spark of colour, or a gradient of greys? Then, think of the flooring; stone, wood, tiles, or laminate flooring. Lastly, the functionality of the room. It will determine the type of furniture that will be used in the room.

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