Before and After: Eclectic Feature Wall to Change your Space

A growing trend in interior design is modern, contemporary, and minimalistic arrangements. It is pleasant to see and easy to maintain. However, what happens to those of us who love splashes of colour, art-lovers who want to display their favourite quirky items that do not exactly match with the theme of the home?

Don’t fret!

An eclectic feature wall or space should be introduced into your space. After all, it is your home, and you have the right to inject your personality into it. Having an eclectic feature wall is also a genius way to take a mediocre area or wall in your house by giving it a surge of personality. It makes the home feel inhabited and not just for show.

Just a few notes before the transformation:

  1. Eclectic is not a mess made from art. It is not rule-bound but well thought of.
  2. Be confident and comfortable with colours and patterns.

We will be looking at a few before and after transformations that prove that you could introduce art into your space too.

Eclectic Kitchen

Before and after kitchen
Image credit: Light and Dwell

This kitchen has definitely seen better times. You can see that this is a functional kitchen that exudes a rustic, I-make-jam-everyday kind of vibe. The ochre is showing signs of tiredness and this kitchen could use a little sprucing up.

Transforming this area to radiate an artistic impression is unusual, but not impossible. There is no need for extravagant displays of art, just maybe a bold colour.

The surprising colour that they introduced is Sacramento green onto wooden features. Some of the cabinets are moved up to the ceiling to prevent the accumulation of dust. More open features are added to ‘free’ the kitchen. Golden hardware is another feature that was introduced to give the space a touch of class.

Living Room

Before and after living room
Image credit: The Spruce

We are sure that you’d agree with us that this room is dull and outdated. The furniture is too bulky, and the colours are not homey. The two large paintings on the wall do not sing the same tune as the whole area. This living room is far from living!

After major furniture revamp, with the couch, painting, and worn grey rug moved out, there is breathing room! Taking on a country-eclectic look, a purple statement plush is introduced. It is stationed as a centrepiece of the hall, drawing attention to the gallery wall, framed by intricate antique frames.

Many colours were introduced into the room. Look at the rug, the lamp, and the plush sofa chair. These colours do not match but go so well with the eclectic theme. For all of these colours to stand out, the background must be light coloured.

P/S Don’t worry, the elk head is not real.

Entertainment Room

Before and after sofa
Image credit: Becki Owens

By the looks of it, not much entertainment happened here. It looks like a dreary study that tries its best to breathe life through the monstera print pillows on the sofa. The walls are white and boring. There is nothing featured on the wall to keep it interesting. Existing pictures are piled up on a brown board that looks like it has been there for ages. This room desperately needs to see the light again!

After moving the furniture, it is like working on a blank slate, which is actually much easier! To bring in and encourage the reflection of more light, the space is brightened with a coat of Extra White paint.

Then the fun begins with colour and texture introduction. Geometric vases and frames with brass and metal finishings are added into the room. Bold colours like magenta and amaranth give it a pop of colour. Don’t leave the wall bare. Let this interior inspire you to add inspirational and motivational frame posters to create that artsy vibe in your space too!

Small Living Room

Before and after small living room
Image credit: Audenza

Without proper lighting in a gloomy room, this space seems tired. One could opt to add a modern touch to this room, but the interior designer had better plans. It always pays to think out of the box, isn’t it?

Now the room has been transformed. Beneath the seaweed green carpet are wooden planks that give the room character. The panels and ceiling are painted white and the walls, black. Just when you thought that it would create an illusion of an even smaller place, the room is, on the contrary, opened up with pops of vibrant colour. The fireplace is dipped in gold, mirrors and plants are added, and artsy figurines were introduced.

Simply said, personality has been established in this room.

There is no hard and fast way to create an eclectic look to an area. Mull on it and let your imagination run. Play with colours, patterns, and textures.

If you are looking to do it on your own, start by introducing the pieces and changes one by one. If you already have a sofa that you love, add colour and texture by adding a throw or pillows on it.

Change the blinds, add wallpaper, or simply repaint your furniture. Pair smooth and rough textures together and you’ll start seeing something fun at play.

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