Behind The Movie Magic: 7 Ideas For A Feature Wall For Your TV

feature wall

Televisions have become almost ubiquitous for quite some time now, even before the coronavirus pandemic drove many of us to stay home watching streaming services for hours on end. These days TVs are actually the main focal point in most living rooms! But have you ever noticed that the backdrop to your TV is also a major factor in a living room’s aesthetic? So let’s go a little deeper into feature wall, the unsung hero of living room interior design.

What to look for in a feature wall

With such a large surface area, feature walls are definitely prominent in any living room. Their role is to accentuate the main focus of the room without stealing focus. In other words, when you enter the room, your eyes should instantly be drawn to the feature wall, only to be diverted to the focal point of the room (for the sake of this article, let’s assume that’s a television, but it could also be anything you desire). This is no easy task, because to get the perfect feature wall, you’re going to need to tread a fine line between blending into the background, and grabbing all the attention. So, if you need some ideas for your TV’s backdrop, read on!

Feature Wall #1: Exposed Brick

brick feature wall

Exposed brick can make a perfect feature wall, especially in a room where other walls are painted a neutral colour. The great things about using exposed brick as a feature wall are the regularity of the pattern, and the striking colour. In the picture, for example, the brick red of this feature wall stands out in the room, but because the TV is a visual disruption to the bricks’ pattern and colour, our eyes are naturally drawn towards it.

Feature Wall #2: Wood

wood feature wall

Unlike the exposed brick feature wall, a feature wall made of wood doesn’t rely on a striking colour to capture attention. Instead, the key thing that makes wood a great material for feature walls is its texture. Just from the natural grain of the wood, your living room would gain incredible depth, even if the wooden feature wall doesn’t have a smooth finish. If it does have a smooth finish, though, you’d get an added bonus of a feature wall that looks both sleek and simple.  

Feature Wall #3: Marble

marble feature wall

Nothing says “luxury” quite like a feature wall with a marble aesthetic! There is so much beauty held in the erratic patterns of the marble veins. Plus, since marbled surfaces are often light coloured, a marble feature wall can also serve as a perfect contrast to the darkness of a TV screen, making it a wonderful backdrop for your entertainment area.

Feature Wall #4: Panels

panel feature wall

Looking for a more subtle feature wall? Panelling might just be for you! As a feature wall, panels are definitely on the subtler side, but these toned-down feature walls actually do a wonderful job of passing the attention to objects around them, including whatever you wish to be your living room’s focal point! But to capture attention, plain panels might need a little help. In this picture, for example, you can see that the designer also added fluted panels on either side to frame the TV area, as well as some lines on the panels themselves for added texture and highlighting.

Feature Wall #5: Fluted Panels

fluted panel feature wall

If you loved the fluted panels you saw in the previous photo, did you know you can make an entire feature wall out of them? Fluted panel feature walls come with a wealth of texture and depth for any room. In addition, because of their smoothness, regularity, and glossiness, fluted wooden panels can appear classy and beautiful while still looking subtle, sophisticated, and elegant.

Feature Wall #6: Paint

white paint feature wall

Sometimes, it’s best to just go back to the basics for your TV’s backdrop. In this home, the “feature wall” is simply a plain painted wall – and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! In fact, plain walls can be a great backdrop to your TV; the contrast in colour is great, and it will not steal attention from your room’s focal point. This is especially useful when there are centrepieces or décor that would naturally draw your attention close to the focal point anyway, just like the vibrant plant we see in the picture. In cases like these, why make a feature wall more striking than necessary?

Alternatively, you can also play around with the colour and pattern on that one particular wall. Perhaps by painting it a different colour, or adding patterns to the paint behind the TV. The freedom is yours!

green paint feature wall

Feature Wall #7: Display Cabinet

display cabinet feature wall

Sometimes, your feature wall for your Tv might not be a wall at all, and this creative choice illustrates that perfectly. Instead of using traditional materials, this home has the TV in the middle of a well-lit display cabinet filled with collectibles.

“But wait,” you may ask, “wouldn’t that steal focus from the TV?”

Maybe. But in this particular case, it might actually be good if the focus shifts once in a while. After all, if the TV isn’t turned on, why look at it when there’s a collection of gorgeous display pieces to admire next to it? In a way, the design actually creates a movable focal point: With the TV off and the display lights on, the focus is on the collectibles. But if the display lights can be turned off when the TV is on, it’s probably still going to be easy to focus on the movie magic on screen.