Best 5 Ikea’s Small Furniture for Kids Aged 2-6

Are you looking for small furniture for your kids? Designing a toddler’s room beckons bright, inviting colors that represent the bubbling energy in each child. Think splashes of light blue, bright pink, and apple green! Think fuzzy, bouncy beds with animal motifs on them.

It can be a whole lot of fun to put together a room for children at home. IKEA’s range of small furniture for kids has the right balance of function, safety, and aesthetics. Parents, get ready to imagine your home decor plans for your child!

POÄNG Children’s Armchair, SGD 39.90

POÄNG Children’s Armchair, SGD 39.90
Dimensions: 47 x 60 x 68 cm

Everyone who’s been to an IKEA warehouse would have recognized IKEA’s trademark armchair that’s so comfortable you could fall asleep in it. This small furniture for kids allows you to sit next to your child. Read a book with them, or watch them daydream, gazing into space. This is the perfect spot to relax and take a chill pill. It is so light that carrying it from the bedroom to the living room is no sweat!

FLISAT Children’s Desk, SGD 119

FLISAT Children’s Desk, SGD 119
Dimensions: Width: 92cm, Depth: 67cm, Height: 53cm (Max height: 72cm)

Imagine an arts and crafts table that your children can scribble on… but you can just get rid of in one tear. Cleverly designed, the FLISAT children’s desk comes with a rod for dispensing drawing paper across the table! Children, unleash your creativity!

But for how long? At least three years, we’d say. As toddlers go through their growth spurt, they keep on getting taller and their legs longer. But don’t worry about them outgrowing this sturdy pine craft desk. You can keep this piece for years, thanks to IKEA’s adjustable height design. It can go up to a maximum height of 72cm, so your child can play and create on it for a long time to come. Add on an adjustable FLISAT children’s bench for just SGD 49.90! A piece of small and functional furniture for kids! Happy crafting!

CIRKUSTÄLT Children’s Tent, SGD 24.90

CIRKUSTÄLT Children’s Tent, SGD 24.90
Dimensions: 100cm diameter, 120cm height

As adults, we sometimes wished we could have a private space of our own. This circus tent is a private nook to shelter the little ones. Designed with polyester, it’s light and portable. Bring this to the living room where family is around, or move it back to the bedroom when it’s time to wind down.

Perfect for small children to relax and play, but be gentle! It may topple over with rough play, so it’s best to stuff in some plush toys, blankets, and pillows. Just the right amount of coziness for a quiet reading time.

GODISHUS 3-Drawers Chest, SGD 89

GODISHUS 3-Drawers Chest, SGD 89
Dimensions: 60 x 64 cm

Does your child have an immense number of gifts of toys and books and photographs and… more toys? Sometimes it’s just jarring how kids get more gifts than we do as adults. There seems to be toys almost everywhere you look. It’s like an easter egg hunt with children in the house.

Enter the Godishus chest! It’s time your children get to learn the joys of putting away and tidying up their toys. Organizing things in separate drawers and retrieving them all by themselves is a great achievement for little children. Trust us, we don’t got issues with this piece of furniture.

BUSUNGE Wardrobe, SGD 219

GODISHUS 3-Drawers Chest, SGD 89
Dimensions: 80 x 52 x 140 cm

Your children’s clothes should belong in a wardrobe of their own that is spacious and has different storage types (drawers, hanging rods, and open shelves). This wardrobe is specially designed for young ones.

Imagine having your toddlers pick out their clothes independently according to their unique fashion sense. It can only happen with a clear view of what clothes they have. This Busunge wardrobe allows you to adjust the rod height so that your child can access the clothes themselves. (Pink colour also available for pink lovers.)

We’ve listed our top five favorite small furniture for kids from storage to workstations to rehabilitation areas. No matter what product you choose to fit into that picture perfect room, do remember that safety is priority. Children should be able to play and have fun without putting themselves at risk, within the confines of the home.

Once you’ve found some stable and solid furniture, then you can go ahead and bedazzle the room with feature walls, colourful designs, and textured carpets. Have fun, daddies and mommies!

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