Best 5 Washing Machines For Your Home

best 5 washing machines in singapore

Best 5 Washing Machines For Your Home

There comes a point in adulthood and home-owning when we have to purchase electrical appliances; washing machines being one of them. When looking for a washing machine, you will be stumped by the number of options available. Washing machines are built with unique functions to serve various purposes. Some functions can be very niche: releasing specific amounts of special detergent; washing two loads simultaneously, and even the ability to control the machine from your phone. Technology has escalated these same old, mundane chores beyond our imagination.

So if you’re looking, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the FIVE best washing machines for your home.


Most Hygienic: Bosch Serie 8, 9kg Washing Machine

Bosch Serie 8 washing machine

In a survey conducted by Bosch, 98% of Singaporeans are now more concerned with hygiene in their everyday activities. When your clothes possibly get in contact with germs and bacteria outside every day, it’s important to ensure they’re completely removed during the wash.

Bosch’s new launch of Serie 8 washing machines all come equipped with their innovative hygiene functions, ActiveOxygen and AllergyPlus. Both serve to eliminate up to 99.99% of germs, while maintaining gentle care on your clothes. The Serie 8 washing machines start at $4,400 with a capacity of 9kg. This may sound like a hefty sum, but it is worth it in the long-run when you think about your safety and sanitation. The machine also regulates its energy as well as water usage to avoid racking up the utility bills, justifying the retail price of the product.

Gentle Clothing Care: Electrolux 10KG EWT105WN

Electrolux 10KG EWT105WN washing machine

Ever experienced the dreaded horror that comes with seeing your clothes elongated and stretched after a round in the washer? No more of those, thank you!

The features that come in the Electrolux EWT105WN ensure that your clothes receive the gentle care they need, while getting thoroughly washed. The Cyclonic Care Pulsator together with the Prism Drum are designed to minimize friction between clothes, simply because the clothes don’t tangle up in each other in the water. The result: Clothes that stay in shape and look good as new! You can now grab this 10kg, top-loading washing machine on sale at $556 from Lazada.

Most Budget Friendly: Elba EWF 1075 VT 7kg Front Load Washing Machine

Elba EWF 1075 VT 7kg Front Load Washing Machine

Washing machines don’t necessarily promise to be kind to your wallet. Luckily for young professionals or new homeowners, you can get your money’s worth in a washing machine that won’t cost you a big lump sum, as well as one that is energy efficient to keep the utility bills manageable.

Enter the Elba EWF 1075 VT. With a 7kg capacity, it’s suitable for singles, couples, and smaller families. Impressively, this washing machine has received a 3-tick rating from the PUB classification system. It uses 112 litres less water than a 0-tick machine. Naturally, being a front-loading washing machine, it is more energy- and water-efficient. Although owners have reported that it can be a little loud, it’s a small sacrifice for a machine priced at $399 (price from Lazada).

Time-saver: Samsung Quick Drive Washer Dryer WD90N74FNOR/SP

Samsung Quick Drive Washer Dryer

This is for those of you who barely have time to complete your workload, let alone clear your laundry pile! Yup, we see you. Weeks worth of laundry and not enough clothes in the wardrobe. We’ve been there.

Samsung doesn’t disappoint with any of their gadgets, including their washing machines. The Quick Drive cuts your washing time by 50%! It has a 9kg washing capacity and a 6kg drying capacity. Your AI assistant can schedule your laundry to be washed and dried consecutively, all within a tap on the mobile app. So, you can turn on the washing machine even when you’re in the office. This 4-tick energy-efficient model is priced at $1,459.

Two Loads, One Wash: LG WFT7400 9kg Washing Machine

LG WFT7400 9kg Washing Machine

Delicates, regulars, colours, whites, jeans – all articles of clothing, but different laundry instructions. Separating these when doing laundry is a must, especially if you want to ensure your family’s clothes last longer and retain their colour. Doing multiple loads can be extremely tedious and tiring, though.

Sounds impossible, but what if you could do two different loads simultaneously? LG TWINWash is a double-drummed washing machine that allows you to do two different types of laundry at the same time. Talk about convenience! Simply dump in your main pile in the front-load, and add a smaller load at the drawer below. It does not compromise on performance either! Instead, with its Inverter DD technology, the LG TWINWash continues to enhance washing performance and reduces allergens. Purchase the 9kg model from AudioHouse for $1,199.

We’ve listed down our top 5 washing machines for your set of priorities: hygiene, clothing care, budget, time-saving, and convenience. Before purchasing your brand new washing machine, keep in mind to do your research to select the best sizing, capacity, and choose front-load or top-load (according to the space you have at home). If you want to read more of our other appliance recommendations, head over to Renodot’s Goodreads. Happy washing!

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