Best 5 Ways To Cut Cooling Cost In Your Singapore Home

best 5 ways to cut cooling cost in singapore

Best 5 Ways To Cut Cooling Cost In Your Singapore Home

Singapore is well known all around the world for its beautiful greenery, litter-free environment, and extremely hot weather all year round! In this tropical country, there definitely is a need for cooling, which makes air-conditioning a popular fixture in most Singapore homes. But the cost of cooling can sometimes build-up to leave a dent in your wallet – so what are some energy-efficient ways to cut cooling costs in your Singapore home? Read on to find out!


Open your window strategically

Window with sheer curtain

Have you ever opened all your windows to keep cool on a hot day? This might surprise you, but this method is actually not a great strategy to cut cooling costs in your Singapore home. In fact, more often than not, the temperature outside in the hot sun is higher than the temperature is inside your shaded home! Because of this, opening the windows on a hot day might actually make it even hotter inside your home, because open windows would let in the hot air from outside.

Instead, you may wish to try opening your windows only when the temperature is at its lowest. This could mean night-time, cloudy periods, windy periods and rainy days (assuming your window is sheltered so water doesn’t get into your home, of course). Then, when the weather inevitably grows warmer again, close your windows to contain the cool air within your home. This will lower the overall temperature in your home, which means you spend less on cooling to achieve the same temperature.

Choose your window coverings well

Window coverings

Window coverings are also another great way to cut cooling costs in your Singapore home. Why? Because they block out the sunlight, and so prevent heat from accumulating too much in your home on sunny days! If you’ve ever heard that light colours reflect heat better than dark colours, you’re right! Light coloured curtains, drapes and shades are actually more reflective of light and absorb much less heat than their darker counterparts. It’s best to reflect the sun’s sizzling rays before it penetrates too far into your home, so be sure to hang your window coverings as close to your window as possible for the best cooling effects!

If you want to enhance the cooling benefits of window treatments even further, consider going for cellular shades too. These shades contain special cells to hold air, which creates a temperature barrier that slows the transfer of heat from the window area into the room. The end result: you get a lovely cooling surface that blocks external heat and helps you keep the cold air in. This can be a significant cutter for your cooling costs on scorching hot days! Check out this article for more on window treatments!

Introduce house plants into your home

Indoor house plants

In our beautiful Garden City, what better way is there to keep your house cool than by introducing some natural greenery into your home? House plants respond to sweltering temperatures by releasing their excess water into the air – and this is what will help you cut cooling costs in your Singapore home. You see, when water is released through the leaves of a plant, the air around the plant gets cooled to a temperature more suitable for the plant itself! Some plants that are especially useful include the ficus, house ferns, and of course, the ever-popular aloe vera. In fact, aloe vera plants are doubly useful for our tropical weather, because the juice in their leaves can also serve as an excellent treatment for bad sunburns!

Another excellent space to plant larger trees would be right outside your windows, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or a backyard. These larger green fixtures provide even more shade to your home, and block at least some of the sun’s rays from even reaching your window at all! Click here for more on great house plants to introduce into your home!

Maintain your air-conditioning filters

Air-con filters

If you are a person who regularly uses your home air-conditioning system, then keeping those filters clean is an extremely important way to cut cooling costs in your Singapore home! Be sure to check and clean your filters at least once a month, because if they are clogged, your air-conditioners are going to have to work doubly hard to cool your home to your temperature of comfort! You may also want to replace your filters regularly to keep them in tip-top shape.

Contrary to popular belief, small air-conditioning units may not use less energy, especially if your room is larger than what the unit is designed for. In these cases, using a large unit to cool a large room will probably give your compressor an easier time in getting the room to your desired temperature, which ultimately helps you save cooling costs in your electricity bill!

For more ways to save electricity at home, click here!

Switch to ceiling fans where possible

wood ceiling  fan

It would come as no surprise to most of us that ceiling fans use much less energy than our air-conditioning units. Even though they do not actually cool a room, they definitely can make a room feel much cooler by improving air circulation and generating a refreshing breeze. Furthermore, when it’s so hot that you begin to sweat buckets of perspiration, the wind-creation effect of fans are especially cooling. This is because they help your sweat evaporate faster, which helps to remove heat from your bodies more quickly. Check out the ceiling fans Renodots has to offer here!

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