BEST 7 Bathroom Sinks – and where to get them

BEST 7 Bathroom Sinks – and where to get them

What do you do when you first check-in into your hotel room?

Do you check out the bathroom first?

If so, welcome to the club!

Bathrooms are highly regarded because it is a space where we can have some me-time, perform our cleaning routines, and let’s face it, hotel bathrooms always have the best lighting and a luxurious sink.

Do you want to emulate their designs?

First, you’ll have to learn about them.

Get educated with us as we uncover the types of sink designs you can consider for your bathroom, and where to get them.

Wall mounted sink

wall mounted sink

This type of sink is common. It is attached to your bathroom wall, and you can see the pipes underneath. It takes little bathroom space and is sometimes fitted with brackets to steady the sink. If you have a tiny bathroom or would like to install it near the kitchen as an extra wash area, the wall-mounted sink would be a good idea.


pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks are a classic but made modern by interior designers. Mounted on a pedestal, it hides all the plumbing fittings. A pedestal sink can make a statement but, if you don’t have a large bathroom, it may take up prime real estate. However, it is perfect for large-sized bathrooms or if you have a stand-alone wash area.


top mount sink

A popular type of sink used these days is the top-mount sink, where the sink looks as if it is placed on top of a counter. It is suitable for any countertop material, plus no laborious work is needed to carve out a precise hole for the sink to sit. There is also ample space to place your toiletries on the countertop. The only issue is you can wipe off water splashes directly into the sink. But, considering the aesthetic look, it is a small price to pay.


undermount sink

The undermount is the opposite of the top-mount sink. Unlike the above, you can wipe whatever gunk and water directly into the sink, making cleaning much easier. If you have a sizable family, undermount sinks are advisable. However, this sink will cost more than the top-mount because you’ll have to get it fixed on a solid-surface countertop.


console sink

Perfect for industrial themed homes, the console sink is a cross between a pedestal and wall-mounted sink. Put them together and boom, you have a combo that shows off defined legs that holds up the sink. Be sure to match the pipes, legs, and faucet, so it looks seamless. If you have a small space but want to add some flair to it, this console sink is a great choice. Its legs can be used as towel racks too!


vessel sink

If you want elegance, a vessel sink will give you elegance. It is similar to a top-mount sink, but it takes the shape of a deep bowl. Unlike top-mounted sinks, the faucet has to be attached to the wall. Many prefer glass-type vessels and choose to have it stained so that it reflects light beautifully in the bathroom.


semi-recessed sink

If you are a sucker for storage, the semi-recessed sinks are perfect because you can have vanity cabinets below. The half-in-half-out design gives you space on the counter and below the counter. It also frees up floor space because, unlike the pedestal, it does not touch the ground (but you can design the cabinets to have it reach the floor if you want, but since the bathroom gets wet, we don’t think it is a good idea).

Locate your sink

Don’t just get to know the type of bathroom sinks to install, get them installed! Below are a few go-to’s you can call when you need a bathroom revamp!


This international company was founded in 1873. And after being in operation for more than a century, they know what is best when it comes to bathrooms and its innovations. Check out what they have to offer or visit any of their 20 locations in Singapore!

Hoe Kee

This local company has been in operation for more than 70 years. It has come a long way from selling ship spare parts to a renowned kitchen and bathroom specialist centre. They have a wide range of bathroom furnishings to choose from. You can visit any of their five showrooms around the island.

Wasser Bath

One of the leading suppliers of bathroom, kitchen, and toilet accessories is Wasser Bath. Located at 469 Balestier Road, they have promo packages that range from taps, sinks, and more that showcase the best in style and practicality.

Bathroom Warehouse

Providing you with famed bathroom brands like Hansgrohe, Grohe, Rubine, and more, Bathroom Warehouse brings you affordable bathroom fittings. They even have in-house technicians to help you find the best solution for your bathroom needs. There are currently three showrooms in Singapore.

You don’t have to have a new home to renovate your bathroom. Give it a new coat of paint or a brand new sink to change the atmosphere altogether. If you want professional insight, talk to our list of interior designers and get a free quote from them.

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