Best Apps for Eats in 2019

Who doesn’t love to eat out? From treating yourself at some fancy restaurant, to saving yourself the hassle of cooking at home, there are plenty of great reasons to eat out. But if eating out in 2018 broke the bank for you, fret not, because we have the apps that’ll keep you going back to your favourite restaurants without having to worry about eating grass for the next few meals.


Image of eatigo app layout

If you aren’t already using Eatigo, well you should start! With discounts of up to 50%, you can get meals at great restaurants all over the island at a bargain. The idea is simple, pick a date and time, and based off the time you’ve chosen, you can qualify for discounts of up to 50%. The app instantly helps you to make a reservation so all you have to do is to show up on time.

The discounts change according to the day, and the time of day as well, so whether you’re planning ahead, or looking for a cheap bite in the vicinity, it’s always easy to make a decision. The less popular the date and time, like a late lunch or early dinner on a weekday, the greater the discount offered. This is perfect for those of you with flexible lunch breaks or prefer having late dinners. It also works on the weekends, so if you want to sleep in and get out for brunch, this is definitely the app for you. 


Image of Entertainer app

1-for-1. On. Everything.

This is the app for those of you who love going out on fancy dates. With 1-for-1 deals on all offers, you’ll find yourself saving a bomb on those special occasions, whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or whatever occasion, there are all kinds of restaurants on offer in the app. With the likes of gustatory giants under its repertoire, impress your date by bringing them to Art, helmed by Michelin-star Chef Beppe De Vito, the meals are as much a treat for your taste buds as it is for your eyes, and it’ll be light on the wallet too.

Plus, the app goes beyond just the high class dining, save on all sorts of meals with 1-for-1 offers rom Yoshinoya, Bangkok Jam, Harry’s and more. You can even find offers on activities like Wave House, and BOUNCE Singapore.

The offers are on a paid purchase, for $95, enjoy a years’ worth of deals (which is certainly less than the savings if you make the most of the promotions available. Just a trip to Fat Cow and you’d already have broken even with the app). But if you aren’t convinced just yet, there’s a 14 day trial which you can make use of to get a taste of 1-for-1 goodness. Plus, there’s also the option of sending the offers to friends and family members to make the app even more worthwhile.


Image of favepay banner

If you’ve heard of Groupon then get ready for Fave. The new and improved version of Groupon, Fave has paved the way for the future of mobile payments with it’s QR code scanning payment, giving you even more freedom with mobile payment options.

But what makes Fave a must have this 2019? How about instant cashback rewards! With the mobile payment function, Fave instantly gives you cashback rewards from the merchant, letting you save on your next visit. This is great if you love eating at a particular restaurant since the more you go, the more you save with Fave. With up to 20% cashback, you’ll find your usual meals becoming cheaper and cheaper, giving you more savings every month. Many notable merchants are getting in gear with Fave, from Chir Chir, Auntie Anne’s, and even Springleaf! The app is definitely a handy one to keep in on your phone. What’s more, the app doesn’t require you to pre-purchase any credits. Simply link your credit or debit card to the app, and it’ll deduct straight from the linked card. Say goodbye to separate digital wallets and the hassle of having cash stuck in the account with mobile freedom.


Image of liquid pay app usage

Another mobile payment platform, Liquidpay is another must have app on your phone for instant savings and vouchers you can share. Instead of just offering return vouchers, or instant savings, liquidpay gives you vouchers to use instantly, and allows you to rack up return vouchers too. You can even send your extra vouchers to friends or family to use too! The flexibility of use means you can start to save right from your first visit and keep on saving.

Similar to Fave, Liquidpay doesn’t use a separate wallet, but links to your card of choice for instant payment approval, making it easy and simple to use. Notable clients include Spinelli, Saladstop, Fatboys and even hawker centers.

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