Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore

By Admin , Jan 11, 2022
Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore

Ceiling fans are an important appliance in every house. Some days you just don’t feel like switching on the air-conditioning so the breeze from a ceiling fan can help to cool you down without being too stuffy. There are a few considerations when deciding on the ceiling fan that is most suitable for you. Of course, technical things like budget, warranty, energy-efficiency and the size are all things that you should think about before confirming your purchase. Here, we’ll go through some of the fans that might be suitable for you and your home!

Designer’s Choice: Spin Quincy Ceiling Fan

Perfect for the modern and minimalist home, the Spin Quincy Fan complements your home well and doesn’t distract from the design that you spent so long working on. It comes in various colours and designs from white to black and even light-coloured wood if your home has a more natural touch. This fan is highly versatile and comes in 3 sizes: 43”, 52” and 60”. It is more energy-efficient than most AC fans and comes with a light kit that can change tones and is powerful enough to light up the entire room without busting your electricity bill.

Cost: $688- $958

Value-For-Money: Fanco F-Star DC Motor Series

Fanco is a well-established brand in Singapore that provides high quality fans at relatively affordable prices. The silent motor allows you to enjoy the breeze without the annoying mechanical whir that sometimes comes with ceiling fans. The blades are made of a hard and durable plastic that ensures effective airflow. The remote control comes with a smart WiFi switch that allows you to control your fan settings from your phone! 

Cost: ~$200

Strong Airflow: KDK U60FW

The KDK U60FW has unique 3D blades that provide a strong and powerful airflow while ensuring a virtually silent experience. It is energy efficient and emphasizes on its safety design so you never have to worry about an accident. You can also adjust the light setting to set the tone at different times of the day.

Cost: $428-$648

Affordable Choice: Fanco B-Star DC Motor Series

At only $189, this fan is a popular choice among Singaporeans for its good quality and energy efficiency. Its simple design is suitable for many homes and serves as a cute little addition to your room.

Scandinavian Choice: Amasco Wale Ceiling Fan 

The Amasco ceiling fan has a unique design that fits right into any Scandinavian-style home. The wooden aesthetic and textures complement that natural aesthetic that is associated with Scandinavian homes. If you prefer having a darker fan, the Amasco ceiling fan comes in dark oak as well. It is also energy efficient and is a unique choice for homeowners.

Cost: $483-$570


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