Best Cooker Hoods in Singapore

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Before a kitchen renovation, your designers will usually have a list of built-in appliances for you to choose from. They will ask you several questions or give you a list to decide what to incorporate in the final design render. Now, before you think designers know best and recommend, we would like you to take a step back so we can remind you that you will be using the kitchen, not your designer. And we all know what this pandemic has brought along to our homes – more cooking!

If you do not want your closed kitchen to smoke up like an inferno is swallowing the small space up or your open kitchen to feel like a steamy jacuzzi where your family members cough from the sharp aroma of Southeast Asian cooking, do get a quality cooker hood.

Here, we have a list of cooker hoods in Singapore to choose from – approved by Singaporeans themselves.

Rinnai Rh-s95a-ssvr 90cm Slimline Hood

rinnai hood

Here are three reasons why this Rinnai Slimline Hood is the choice of many – It is slim, sleek and affordable.

It can be fixed below a cabinet and hence, super space-efficient. It comes with a mechanical control panel that is easy to control. It also has halogen lights (you’ll need it if the cabinet above blocks light) with separate control buttons.

Now, as for what it can do to suck up the smell and divert it outside, this hood does a pretty good job. It has high airflow of up to 400 cubic metres per hour, coupled with a charcoal filter that reduces the build-up of oil and grime in the kitchen.

It’s perfect for small families that don’t cook up a storm too much, those who have a smaller budget and smaller kitchen space.

Ariston AHC 9.7F AB X 90CM Chimney Hood

ariston hood

If you are looking for ultimate suction power, say CIAO to this Italian made beauty. This wall-mounted chimney hood has a powerful extraction fan that goes up to 713 cubic metres per hour – perfect for busy kitchens. It is easy to use and easy to clean. All you have to do is check the aluminium grease filters into the dishwasher and let it do the job for you. You don’t actually have to work with grime!

It is relatively quiet with three booster speed settings.

The only requirement?

Your kitchen needs to have a high ceiling. Plus, it is a bit on the pricey side.

Fujioh Cooker Hood FR-SC1790 R/V

fujioh hood

If you are looking for an oil and grime fighter, Japan is famous for making such superheroes. Not surprisingly, they have assembled one in the form of a cooker hood.

No doubt, this is a high-end choice, but it will give you your money’s worth. Made to handle Asian cuisines (takes one to know one), this Fujioh model captures the fumes, takes it through an oil separation process using its patented filtration technology filters, and voila, no oil particles. It is perfect for those who cook with woks and use more oil than those who use non-stick crockery.

It is one durable machine, made from premium stainless steel and a switch panel made from glass. It does not consume much electricity though the only possible drawback is the noise level.

UNO 90cm Glass Chimney Hood UP9608

uno glass hood

Want a classy and functional addition to your kitchen? This UNO chimney hood with a sleek curvature made from glass might just be the one for you.

It is not just a pretty little thing, it comes with a max extraction power of 800 cubic metres per hour!

With a three-speed control, it also comes with two halogen lamps so you can see what you are cooking. The hood has washable aluminium grease filters with cassette charcoal filters for odour management.

However, you will need to have a high-ceiling kitchen to install it effectively.

The price is mid-range and perfect for a kitchen that with space for it.

We’ve gathered the top four kitchen hoods that might be perfect for your kitchen. Only FOUR?

Well, we do not want you to be spoilt for choice and confused, do we?

To view more interior design ideas and recommended buys, we’ve got loads for you to read at Renodots. If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, we’ve got a list of recommended ID companies that will be more than happy to discuss the layout and design with you. Chat with them here!