Best Singapore Interior Designers in the North East

Welcome back to another installation of our interior design series! This time, we’ll explore the North East region of Singapore for the best Singapore interior designers! Keep them in mind for your next remodel!

Best Singapore interior designers: Key Concept Pte Ltd

Location: 2 Gambas Cres, #06-21, Singapore 757044
Phone: 9018 0264
Email Address:

A young company, Key Concept Pte Ltd is an up and coming interior design firm in Singapore! Their designers are young talents who take their art seriously. They carefully customise each home to their clients’ unique taste, with extra value on comfort, vision, and style! Their passion makes them one of the best Singapore interior designers!

Best Singapore Interior Designers Past Projects: Key Concept Pte Ltd

key concept 1

This beautiful home a skilful blend of many design styles! The living room features a charming display of nature – fluted wooden panels as a feature wall, and an eye-catching woven coffee table. The bedroom shows off the neatness and precision of industrial interior design, and the dining area’s stone flooring gives off a regal air. This seamless blend of the best of each design style is why we put Key Concepts on our list of best Singapore interior designers!

This home holds a certain rural charm – even though the design is fairly simple throughout, there are common themes than run through every room to give the home continuity. The blue, white and brown colour palette means that each room radiates peace and tranquility.

Why others think Key Concept Pte Ltd is one of the best Singapore interior designers

“To be honest, I gambled myself in engaging them without even surveying with any others, my ID was Terence and Kenneth. they were helpful and very responsive. Its normal to have hiccups here and there but they manage it well. Furthermore its their first EM project, all the unexpected permits n verification kicks in. But they nailed it. Thank you guise!”SN Afina Roslan (Fb review)

“In love with my home and it is all thanks to KELLY from Key Concept . Totally would recommend anyone who wants to renovate their home/future home to engage with her . Do not let her size and looks fool you . She’s nothing but knowledgeable and experience. Planned out my home with her, numerous changes made yet she still give her all to create the perfect one .”Iam Nooris (Fb review)

“I spoke to at least 5 other IDs before I met Elwin and Yongren. The other IDs merely just give us a quotation and we need to confirm them and pay them the deposit before we can even see some designs. However, that’s not we have in mind. we were very pleased with the overall designs and they have even went beyond their duties to coordinate all my other vendors for me. Especially Yongren, always responsive to our texts and requests. ours is not the easiest project to manage given that we have only 3 weeks to complete everything and move in. thank you for your patience and perfect coordination.”Caroline Sim (Fb review)

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Best Singapore interior designers: My Reno Diary

Location: 7 Gambas Crescent #01-01 Ark@Gambas Singapore 757087
Phone: 6255 1010
Email Address:

Even though this firm has been around for only 4 years, some of their designers have been refining their skills for over a decade already! At My Reno Diary, the designers understand the need for good quality on a budget. Their dedication to giving you the best deals has put them on our list of best Singapore interior designers!

Best Singapore Interior Designers Past Projects: My Reno Diary

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best! From using classy cove lighting in the dining area to the glossy black features, the brownish-gold colour palette, and the chandeliers, this home radiates opulence in every room!

Uniqueness isn’t a problem with My Reno Diary! In this lovely home, industrial features blend with a modern design to create a home that is both simple and posh! Notice how the chic exposed brick wall and the wooden dining table complement the cove lighting in the living area and reflective floors in the living room!

Why others think My Reno Diary is one of the best Singapore interior designers

“i would like to give a positive reviews to My Reno Diary id Zoe for working out a full renovation on my old resale 2room flat 100% completely makeover not exceeding within my budget.. i have approached her to share my idea and she a person who really listen and carry out your idea, a person with very good attitude. and it is case trusted company which is very important to me where i feel safer when i engage them to carry out the renovation and completed in time for me to move in to my new house. thank you Zoe (My Reno Diary) to make my dream home come true👍”Andrew Tan (Google review)

“Renovation can be a nightmare if we engaged the wrong people for the job.  We are thankful ours was a smooth and a pleasant one.
We have shortlisted a few reno companies, in the end we decided to go for Simon Choo from Reno Diary.  Their quote is very reasonable, and his experience gave us confidence he can do the job well.
Throughout the renovation process, from idea generation to sourcing of materials to actual works, Simon offered us sound and professional advice. He was very responsive to our queries and requests.
We have to say that his response time is awesome, and his customer service is top notch. He is one of the few people that I deal with that delivers what he promised.
If you are looking for someone trustworthy to renovate your house, I strongly recommend you to look for Simon Choo”
Brenda Ang (Google review)

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Best Singapore interior designers: Carpenter Werkz Pte Ltd

Location: No 7 Mandai Link, Mandai Connection #06-01 Singapore 728653, Singapore 728653
Phone: 9788 0490
Email Address:

When it comes to furniture creation, Carpenter Werkz prioritises its customers’ needs since 2019. They care about their art and the quality of the furniture they create, which makes them one of the best Singapore interior designers. So far, their customers seem happy, scoring them a perfect 5/5 on the Renodots directory!

Best Singapore Interior Designers Past Projects: Carpenter Werkz Pte Ltd

This home is rocking a unique retro-chic look in several different colour schemes! In the kitchen, the backsplash features grey and white pattern that contrasts the modern cabinets and tiles. A similar pattern decorates the bathroom walls, and a unique swirl recess dons the ceiling outside the kitchen. Add terrazzo flooring to top it off, and you’ve got a home where modern and retro exist in harmony!

This home is decked out in stylish geometric patterns! From the walls in the dining area to the floors near the window and the kitchen cabinets – this home shows that patterns with contrasting colours are still in style! Let’s not forget those beautiful sea-blue cupboards!

Why others think Carpenter Werkz Pte Ltd is one of the best Singapore interior designers

“I am very happy with contractor Teyos service despite only doing just 1 wardrobe Teyos was super patient and due to my short tighted schedule he get it done way within my timing. Apart his service also wished to give thanks to his 2 carpenter workers fatty and ah hua very responsible and nice polite workers I have ever come across. Hope their boss should rewards or compliment these workers.”Irene Lim (Facebook review)

“satisfied with the end result! details came out as discussed. Susan was patient with me even though i was indecisive. i am glad that i chose carpenter werkz as the price is affordable. highly recommend!”Rosie (Facebook review)

“Very satisfied with the workmanship and attention to details. Everything is solid and hinges are all soft closing and aligned perfectly. Very professional and price is very acceptable. Highly recommend.”Jian Yi (Facebook review)

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Best Singapore interior designers: SHE Interior

Location: 21 Woodlands Close, #09-43 Primz Biz-hub, Singapore 737854
Phone: 9484 1863
Email Address:

SHE Interior was founded by a pair of brothers, Eugene and Ryan She, over 3 years ago. They have an emphasis on providing good service to their clients and high-quality work in renovations and design. They also offer space planning services and work to keep to your budget!

Best Singapore Interior Designers Past Projects: SHE Interior

SHE Interior has used a taupe colour palette in this home to create an elegant yet homey interior. The low chairs and cushions in the living room create a perfect cosy corner for movie nights and sleepovers! In the other areas of the house, the design is streamlined for your convenience!

Contemporary and traditional designs collide in this home. The living room and kitchen are sleek and functional, complete with a marble feature wall. Yet, there are oriental features scattered throughout the home, from the choice of décor to the mat.

Why others think SHE Interior is one of the best Singapore interior designers

“We engaged SHE Interior Design after get to know it from our BTO Whatsapp group. We decided to choose SHE Interior Design because we found that their quotation price is reasonable.

Our ID is Jophy Lim. He is very friendly and able to propose practical interior design that suit our requirements. He demonstrated the knowledge and useful design for our new home where we feel worth to spend the renovation cost to get a REAL interior designer with nice design work.

We are very happy and please with his service!”Lucas Tan (fb review)

“Me & Shah would like to express our greatest gratitude to our ID, Jeff Lee from SHE Interior Design. He has done an excellent job in helping us create our dream home just like how we imagined. Its easy to deal with him as he is always there to answer any of our queries promptly. His patience and professionalism is tremendously appreciated. We will definitely recommend his services to our family & friends anytime. Thanks again Jeff! You’re the best!”Ct Farhana Alkhatib (fb review)

“We have finally reached the final touch up stage before Ryan and his team handover my newly renovated house to me.

Special shoutout to Designer Ryan for putting up all his effort in making my new place such a cozy feel home. Every details of ensuring convenience for my family was carefully blended nicely to the design he designed and colour combinations he put together in each area of the house was so nice and relaxing feel. My family and I will definitely recommend him to our relatives and friends.”Bernard Pan (Fb review)

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Best Singapore interior designers: T&T Design Artisan

Location: 21 Woodland Close #01-25 Singapore 737854 Primz Bizhub
Phone: 6258 0223
Email Address:

T&T Design Artisan has been enhancing homes and other spaces since 2007. They prioritise excellence in service and quality, and strive to exceed their client’s expectations in their projects.

Best Singapore Interior Designers Past Projects: T&T Design Artisan

Earthy colours are a dominant force throughout this home, from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen. Notice also the many little touches that keep the place interesting – the cabinet with the antique design, the fluffy throw in the living room, and the décor and art pieces that have been tastefully chosen to match the overall feel of the home.

This home is simple, minimal, and yet incredibly charming. Adopting a Scandinavian interior design scheme has made the entire home bright, light and cheerful. Light coloured wood is used amply throughout the home, and there are plenty of open spaces to make the home a beautiful and welcoming space.

Why others think T&T Artisan Design is one of the best Singapore interior designers

“rectified and small renovation work.  His patience and kind understanding to our  last minute request and changes, it will be fulfilled accordingly to our need and in time.  Thank you Lionel for managing and co-ordinate all the process and work well done”Julieanne Jade (Google Review)

“A friend of mine suggested me to T&T Design. I encountered at least 10 IDs, but after comparing the price and talking to all of them, I realized that T&T ID-Fedora would understand and satisfy my requirements. They have very good ideas and they have really competitive pricing. She is very helpful, she acknowledges my need, and she gives us useful advice. Fedora is the one who leads our conversation, and every question will be answered within hours. With the supervision of our ID, we know that we are in good hands. The workmanship is really strong and above my standards. Most importantly, their knowledge is really impressive as compared to the other ID we visited. I’ve also suggested T&T Interior to my family.”Choon Peng Tea (Google Review)

Best Singapore interior designers: Vän Hus Interior Design

Location: 11 Woodlands Close #01-44, Singapore 737853
Phone: 6684 4660
Email Address:

Vän Hus Interior Design takes its clients idea of a dream home, and injects its own creative touch to each design. They value the quality in their work and complete communication with their clients, as they work with their clients to bring their visions to life.

Best Singapore Interior Designers Past Projects: Vän Hus Interior Design

This home has used light colours throughout to keep the space bright and airy. Customised to the client’s lifestyle and preferences, there is plenty of space on their shelves to display their collection of action figures.

Dark colours form the dominant palette for this home, and yet, white spaces act as visual breaks to keep it from being overwhelming. The reflective flooring and natural light also work to keep the home from appearing closed off.  

Why others think Vän Hus Interior Design is one of the best Singapore interior designers

“Trustworthy contractor.  Worked with Keith, one of their best staff.   Help me to plan the schedule nicely and oversee the whole renovation very closely.  Easily contactable and will rush to the site when needed.   One of the best design house that I experienced.   Deserved 5 stars.”CW Wong (Google review)

“Our ID Danness has done a brilliant job in assisting us in getting our new home done up. He pays attention to details and ensured all was done properly, giving us a lot of useful advice and recommendations. It is definitely the company to go for!”Yuli (Google review)

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Here are some of the Interior Designers that you can find in the North-East!

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