Bidadari homes to inspire you

August 2nd 2022

Bidadari homes to inspire you

Bidadari has a great central location in Singapore and is easily accessible by both public and private transport. It has an eye-catching green landscape and is a very beautiful place to live in. To complement the fantastic scenery in Bidadari, many of the homes there are also well-designed with highly aesthetic interiors. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own home interior, then we have a catalogue of Bidadari homes for you to look at!

101A Bidadari Park 

This home located in Bidadari park is both elegant yet playful. The backbone of the design is a classy and modern look but the colourful decorations help to give the home more personality and vibrancy.

The foyer has unique pastel blue cabinets along with wood-designed walls to create a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. 

This pastel blue kitchen is extremely eye-catching. Light colours allow the kitchen to appear brighter and more vibrant, which enhances the cheerful atmosphere across the entire house.

In contrast, the bedroom features slightly darker tones and black out curtains to create the perfect night-time environment for sleeping. 

101A Bidadari Park Drive

This exciting home is also located in Bidadari Park but has quite a different look. It may perhaps be paying tribute to the abundance of greenery in Bidadari with its artistic wooden aesthetic. 

However, the kitchen appears to be a step into more contemporary times as it has a modern layout and look.

Back in the bedroom, we see again the wooden design. Pretty much everything in the room has some sort of wooden finish to get it a cabin look.

If you’re worried that this theme will hinder your contemporary lifestyle, not to worry as there is also a room catered for gaming/ work.

The dark marbled tiles in the bathroom give it a rugged and industrialized look that is quite unique from the rest of the home but ties it quite well. 

104A Bidadari Park Drive

A stone’s throw away from the previous 2 houses is another home with a drastically different interior.

This home is almost entirely white. It almost looks like the set-up for a commercial televised show because of its clean and fresh look. The white reflects light well so you’re guaranteed to have sufficient light streaming in.

One of the bedrooms has a unique layout,  with the bed and work station being separated by a low wall. 

The other bedroom has a simpler design – a bed, mirror and ample closet space.

Both bathrooms have a similar design. The built-in mirror lights fully lights your face so you can get a good look in the bathroom!

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