Big Ideas For Small 2-Room BTO HDB Flats

A large proportion of Singapore women are choosing to stay single in Singapore. Although both genders see a rising share of singles, the number of increases in the number of single women far exceeds men.

With Singapore’s fertility rate dropping, the government has to continuous change its policy to replace its population, as well as change the rules regarding HDB ownership. In the past, Singaporeans could only purchase HDB flats when they plan to get married.

However, the rules have since changed. Singles were only able to rope in a parent as a co-lessee or opt for an expensive private property. But now, they are able to choose to purchase a BTO unit or to purchase a flat in the resale market as long as they are 35 years of age and single. Unrelated singles 35 years or older are also able to jointly apply for an HDB flat.

For most singles, buying a 2-room BTO flat or a resale flat is an exciting time having lived with parents most of their lives. If you have chosen to apply for a 2-room BTO flat and you have collected your keys, you must feel really eager to start the design work and to move into a space you can finally call your own.

Although BTO flats are priced significantly cheaper than those on the resale market, unmarried individuals are restricted to 2-room flexi units only. 2-room BTO units consists of 1 bedroom and 1 living room with the total floor space ranging from 36 sqm to 45 sqm.

So, the question you might be asking yourself prior to renovating your 2-room BTO flat is, how should you maximise the space?

Glass Panels

Glass panel

Consider using glass panels to make your 2-room BTO flat look bigger. Work with your ID or contractor on which wall you can hack to make way for glass panels. Glass panels give you an open view of your entire home space and creates visual spaciousness and openness for small spaces.

Glass panels gives an open-floor concept and visually merges the living area, bedroom and kitchen space creating an extra leeway for circulation space. It also allows you to have more space to play with more design ideas.

Sliding doors

Sliding door

Change the swinging doors in your flat to sliding doors. Typical swinging doors are not the most space-friendly taking up valuable space, which you want. Switch the swinging doors to bi-folding or sliding doors to add space for your favourite furniture.

Use Mirrors As Feature Wall

Mirrored feature wall

Create illusions with mirrors. If you add an entire feature wall of your room in floor-to-ceiling mirror leafs, you will find that it creates an illusory effect that doubles your space.

Built-in Storage

Built-in Storage

Carpentry for built-in storage conceals everything you want to hide from view, including the TV, because you can customise and decide how you want it to look. You can choose to use the same texture throughout your home to give it a polished look that helps to amplify existing space.

Raised Platform

Raised Platform Storage

Raised platforms is another idea you can use as a storage idea for your 2-room BTO flat. Not only does it come with plenty of storage space, you can use the platforms to double up as a space to sit in your living room to using it as a bed.

Decorate With Lights

False ceiling

Lights make a huge difference to the design of a home and clever lighting fixtures and false-ceiling solutions can actually play up the drama of small spaces to give it an upscale vibe in your 2-room BTO flat.

Track lights can be used to create accents, and floor lamps can be used for visual decors while recessed lighting can create drama for your small flat.

Besides these renovation ideas, it helps to disciple yourself by not buying unnecessary items that can clutter up your home. It is important to go through every item you currently possess and make a decision on whether they are needed or not. You can donate or sell these unwanted items and you will be amazed at how much space you can free up.

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