Boutique hotels in US with unique designs and food that worth a stay

The Hotel industry in countries like US is booming thanks to the growing number of vacationers. Hotels serve a diverse range of customers from government officials to vacationers. Although a hotel stay is confined to a certain period, the hoteliers are getting more concerned about the looks and designs in a bid to impress the clients.

That said, most hotels have evolved with unique designs. Boutique hotels are an impressive accommodation that most vacationers would look out for.

But then what is a boutique hotel?

Boutique hotels usually come with maximum 100 rooms. They are relatively smaller than an average hotel. This tiny size offers you an intimate sense, as you feel as if you are in a private residence more than a hotel.

Cavallo Point

Previously an army base, Cavallo Point is a combination of 17 residences occupied by government officers. Inside you will find chapel as well as mess buildings. It had taken about 10 years to convert the place into what it is today. And those 10 years have served the purpose well, as you will be awestruck by its glamorous look.

Cavallo Point balcony
Cavallo Point bathroom

Surprising enough, this boutique hotel has about 142 suites and rooms across 12500 sqft. From there you can see the Parade Ground that offers the breathtaking scenery of Golden Gate Bridge.

Cavallo Point

Image credit: Cavallo Point

The Giacomo

The Giacomo is another amazingly beautiful boutique hotel that is located in close proximity to the Niagara Falls. It offers a great view of the falls, which can make the stay an unforgettable one for the guests. The design of the hotel has also been aligned to match perfectly well with the Niagara Falls.

The Giacomo living area
The Giacomo seating
The Giacomo bedroom
The Giacomo entertainment room
The Giacomo seating

Photo credits: The Giacomo

Palihotel Melrose

You must try out their restaurant which offers a unique experience. Take a while to browse the menu and try any food of your choice. You will feel the difference in the ingredients. You can also get to know about stuff in the menu from the staff who are quite conversant in what they serve. In order to enhance the unique experience, the hotel is equipped with fabulous rooms, which are paired with an amazing reception area.

Palihotel Melrose
Palihotel Melrose bedroom
Palihotel Melrose seating
Palihotel Melrose hotel room

Even for breakfast, you have a wider choice than average American menu. The menu offers a wide range of butter biscuits to granola and fruits. You can consummate your breakfast with a perfect blend of coffee. Over the weekends, there could be more to expect such as fried green tomatoes.

Palihotel Melrose menu items
Palihotel Melrose food

Chateau Marmont

Have the feel of your own kitchen comfort at Chateau Marmont. The mess buildings at this hotel are gifted with unique architectural aspects, which make them look good.

Chateau Marmont
Chateau Marmont seating
Chateau Marmont seating area
Chateau Marmont room

You can even go outside to have breakfast to enjoy the sunny weather while enjoying the beautiful landscape. You can have lunch anywhere of your choice at Chateau Marmont. You need to reserve dinner though. The dinner time usually between 6 and 11 pm.

You can choose to cook on your own, though you need to do your grocery shopping. You can request the staff so that they can make the required ingredients ready on time. The bar is also available till around 2 am. There you can have a go at salads on small plates too.