Brick Walls and More: Finishing your Industrial Home – Home Renovation Interior Style

brick wall for industrial home

Exposed brick may be the most obvious choice for all you home owners when considering a rough and tough look with industrial designs.

The ragged exterior and stony appearance give the wall a strong character and helps to keep your home grounded with a serious disposition. But the warm reds and unique characteristics of each individual brick keeps the room feeling rustic and warm, a real personal touch to round up the room.

If you’re thinking that the only way to create that ‘brick’ wall finish to your home is to actually use bricks, we’re here to tell you that there are many more methods you can consider when choosing how you want to do the walls of your home


Sometimes nothing can really beat the original. The appearance of raw red bricks are unparalleled in the market, the intensity carried by each individual brick speaks volumes as the entire wall comes together as an amalgamation of different characters and natures from the uniqueness of each brick.

Brick wall in living room
credit: Fuse Concept

But with a brick wall comes its own set of difficulties, be prepared for flaking and breaking of bricks as time goes by as the porous nature of the bricks allow them to absorb moisture and slowly break down.

You can also expect their exposed faces to age over time, while this may add to the rustic nature of the bricks, if you want a design that stays exactly the same throughout, then you may want to consider another choice.

Also, if you’re more space conscious, keep in mind that each brick has its own width, and it’ll eat into the space of your rooms and walkways, so if your measuring out your room to the millimetre and you don’t have much room to spare, skip the extra layer of bricks then.


Like a pseudo-brick, veneers come in where you still want an authentic stone look, but don’t want to have the trouble of bricks.

With all sorts of different choices in veneer types, from brick, to granite, quarts and every type of rock and stone under the sun, veneers are a much more flexible option to bricks.

Veneers also have a much simpler installation, apply the tiles to a layer of concrete in whatever design and pattern you want. This also adds the flexibility of creating stylish and whimsical patterns of choice.

Being thinner than bricks, the wall comes out at a smaller width, and they can be easier to install in smaller spaces like kitchens or corridors without taking up any noticeable space.

Veneer also gives you the option to come up with and create lots of creative and quirky designs. Think small parts of your home with these beautiful accent walls. If you don’t want a completely industrial inspired designed home, but still like the warmth and rustic feel that they have, this could be an option for you to explore.

But if you’re going for brick veneers, they come with the same issues as regular bricks. They will be subject to the same wear and tear, as well as ageing process. While they may be easier to replace in the future, you can also consider other stones like granite which have a longer shelf-life.


Moving away from the typical brick and mortar styled walls. Stucco comes in as a game changer to typical brick wall type designs, because unlike the other 2 styles, this method of construction doesn’t need any bricks or the likes.

Made from a synthetic polymer, stucco is hand moulded while its wet to create shapes and designs on the surface its applied to. This means that you can theoretically make you wall to whatever design and texture you want it to be.

Stucco brick wall in living room by the design practice
credit: The design practice

However, depending on the skill of the workman, the finished wall can come out with varying levels of success. Stucco will however be the cheapest in terms of material costs, since you won’t have to buy hundreds of tiles or bricks to finish the wall.

You also save on space since you’re literally moulding the wall instead of adding material to it.

Plus, with stucco, you are no longer limited by corners and edges since you can simply mould the shape around them to allow the wall to continue all throughout your desired area.

Stucco Living room by space matters
credit: Space Matters

Stucco may look the least like exposed brick, but the grit and texture of each hand carved tile will still give your home a unique character and appearance.

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