Bringing Life Into Your Home

Having plants inside the house is a great way to bring life to the inside of your home. The splash of green can be so refreshing against a background of plain, or even neutral colours. The plant itself also adds to the ambience to the room, breaking the monotony of artificial constructs with its lively colours, and maybe even flowers. If you’re thinking that having a plant in the house is a dirty and difficult thing to do, well that may be true of more difficult plants, but with an informed choice, and some basic help, your home garden will soon be lush and full of life.


Succulents are great beginner plants. These plants are actually a type of cactus, they may look very different from the normal prickly types, but they are indeed form the same family. These types of plants are thick, full of water, and can easily survive dryer indoor conditions with little watering. Plus, these plants don’t need direct sunlight, so feel free to keep them on a desk, and they’ll do just fine with the light there.

These plants go great with contemporary designs, fitting in with the minimalist look. Scandinavian styled homes also benefit from them, going great with the lighter shades of wood in this design.


Trendy, sleek and cute, terrariums are another low-maintenance ‘garden’ to have in your home. Their containers can be anything, from mason jars, to glass bowls, to giant cups. Terrariums usually feature a mix of different types of plants all housed together, from succulents, to cacti, to ferns and moss.

The terrarium can be designed to whatever style you want, pick and choose whichever colour of plants suit your liking and put it together in a handy bowl. If you choose right, you may not even need to ever water the plants in the terrarium as some types of plants, like moss, will be able to provide enough moisture for the other plants in the terrarium.

What’s fun about a terrarium is the process of getting one, you can choose to either buy one off the rack or go for a class where you build it with your loved one and bring home your combined efforts to put on display. It’ll even make for a great story when people first see it.

Hanging Plants

Hanging gardens are amazing ways to beautify the higher portions of your home. Putting pots of hanging plants just in front of the windows, or along walkways, adds to the air of the home. Hanging just in front of the windows, the plants look like an extension of the outside coming in, benefiting from unobstructed sunlight and a great amount of space for their vines to grow downwards, the scene is picturesque, resembling a tropical getaway.

English Ivy is easy to grow, just needing a bit of moisture, the plant has a unique pattern that is sure to impress.

Spider plants are another easy plant to grow, great for beginner gardens since they don’t need much caring for.

Or turn your little corner of the house into a gorgeous hideaway, brimming with life with all types of ferns. The green in this part of the home will give you a strong sense of serenity, the perfect environment for you to escape to with a book in hand.

Herb Garden

For those looking for a more practical use of a home garden, why not consider growing your own herb garden to fuel your cooking needs. Simple and common herbs like rosemary and thyme are hardy little plants which flourish well even indoors. For those looking for a more challenging plant, try oregano or basil, these plants are far from impossible to grow, but do need a little more care and watching to make sure they grow well, especially after a few leaves have been plucked.\

Your herb garden can even become a part of the décor of your kitchen. Put them up on a rack and they’ll fit right in, looking like a cute little addition to the kitchen, and keeps them nearby and handy whenever they’re needed.