Key Collection Process For your new BTO

Congratulations on your new BTO flat! If you’re a first time flat owner, you may be confused as to what comes next. Or you may forget certain items with all the nerves and excitement. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s what to expect, a rundown of the key collection process and a complete checklist of what to bring on that special day.


Arrive at the collection venue at least 30 minutes before your appointment to purchase a fire insurance from the ETIQA counter at HDB Hub. It is important to note that the basic fire insurance policy only covers the cost of reinstating damaged internal structures, fixtures, as well as areas built and provided by HDB. It excludes home contents such as furniture, renovations and personal belongings. You may choose to supplement your home insurance with other insurers from the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA).


Get an auto-generated queue number and wait for your turn. Once it’s your turn, you are required to hand over the following documents to the HDB officer:

  • NRIC of all occupants
  • Marriage Certificate if you are buying a flat under the Fiancé/Fiancée scheme
  • ETIQA Berhad Fire Insurance Certificate
  • Latest CPF Statements
  • Power of Attorney (if you are unable to attend personally)
  • Completed GIRO Form

You may have to sign a couple of documents such as the lease agreements and CPF Home Protection Scheme. Remember to collect your invoice before heading down to Service & Conservancy Charges to make your first payment (bring your NETS Card for the conservancy charges). You’ll be able to collect your keys after this.


It is crucial to set up your utilities account right after you get your keys so that you can test your electrical sockets when you check for defects. On top of that, activating your electrical and water supply is useful for subsequent renovations.


All HDB flats are covered under a one-year warranty called the Defects Liability Period (DLP). But start checking for defects when you get your apartment as it usually takes around 14 days for HDB to rectify them. If you have identified any defects, fill up the Rectification Request form and submit it online or at the nearest Building Service Centre. Mark the defects in your house with post-it notes or tape for the contractors and take photos of the defects as reference. These photos will come in handy when you check your flat after the rectification.

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