Budget-friendly Decor Ideas

You’re thinking of upgrading your Singapore home’s interior design but can’t afford any renovation just yet. Here’s the good news: sprucing up your Singapore home doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Follow these five simple steps to refresh your HDB unit or condominium in an instant.

Upgrade Your Art

Can’t afford to hang one of Picasso’s masterpieces in your living room? Swap it out for a display of your child’s best artwork instead. Display these drawings in affordable frames from budget stores like Daiso and hang up on a plain wall. This will help add a little colour and a tonne of personality to your home in no time.

display frames on wall
decorating wall
wall stickers
art frames

Bedding is Important

If you don’t have the time to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint, then switching out your boring bed sheets for ones with a pop of colour or pattern can be just as helpful. This can help bring your bedroom back to life with zero effort.

green bedsheets
blue bedsheets

Wallpaper Your Shelves

You don’t have to wallpaper the entire shelf. Instead, pick a bright or bold print and paper the backs of each shelf in a bookshelf or cabinet. Wallpaper creates a better effect than paint and it will inspire you to keep your shelves neatly arranged afterwards.

wallpapered shelves
wallpapered laundry area
wallpaperd shelves

Get Some New Furniture

Instead of scouring Courts, Ikea or other furniture stores for conventional furniture, swing by second-hand furniture stores like Junkie’s Corner or Lorgan’s the Retro Store for one-off unique pieces that can help trick out your pad. Think kitschy, ’70s-inpired lounge chairs, charming knick-knacks for your shelves, antique lamps and much more.

unique rack
vintage drawer
hanging chair

Put Lights in Jars

Instead of throwing out your old mayonnaise or spice jars, wash and dry these out properly, remove the paper labels and fill it up with cheap Christmas lights from Daiso to get a cool table lamp. Not only does this add a touch of quirk to your Singapore HDB, it’s also a great conversation starter at parties.

hanging jar light
jar lights
jar table lamp
mason jar lamp

Paint Your Doors

Instead of splashing out on paint for your entire HDB unit, invest in smaller cans of paint and paint the doors instead. Your home will still get a style upgrade but you won’t have to do too much to get there.

red-painted door

Make a Headboard

Singapore HDB homes are constantly shrinking, so creating a dramatic focal point in any room can help add instant character. For example, give your existing bed a boost with a headboard, which can be made from almost any material, including hardwood with wrought-iron inlays and wrapped in illuminated acrylic and fabric panels. It’s a great way to set the tone for your bedroom decor with minimal effort.

hardwood headboard
patterned headboard