Budget-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen


Getting bored and tired of your old kitchen façade and thinking about redoing the kitchen to reinvigorate it? Kitchen renovations can take surprisingly long, and rack up a hefty bill, if you’re not too careful. With electrical lines, gas pipes and other potentially dangerous hazards to consider, a simple idea can easily turn chaotic with more and more things to do to make your new kitchen run smoothly.

Well, whether you’re thinking about redesigning your old kitchen, or you want to add a dash of your own personality to a new home, you won’t have to break the bank, or have long drawn construction with some of these methods and tips!

Add a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen renovation can be a huge gamechanger. With lots of options to choose from, from tiles, to vinyl overlays, the choices are endless. Backsplashes are simple and easy ways to completely change the mood and setting of the kitchen, with bright and bold colours, a serious and dull looking kitchen can suddenly spring to life.

Plus, a backsplash can also make your kitchen easier to clean. With waterproof vinyl, grease and stains won’t stick as easily as compared to a painted wall. This makes cleaning up much easier as dirt and grime can’t stick on as well and come off without too much effort.

Change the Cupboard Doors

Although this would be a bit more tedious, the bigger the change, the bigger the effect. So, if you’re really looking to make a new statement to your kitchen renovation, taking bold steps to change the cupboard doors can be just the move you’re looking for.

Especially with older kitchens or resale homes, the cupboards and shelving of the kitchen are subject to a lot of wear and tear as well as water-damage if they aren’t well taken care-off. Changing the cupboard doors can change the appearance of the kitchen drastically, especially if you’re looking to modernize the appearance of the room or do some general updating and repairs. Cupboard and cabinet doors aren’t too expensive either, just take the measurements down to simple carpentry shops or even Ikea and you’ll be coming home with new doors and a new look for the kitchen.

While you may feel like changing the cupboards entirely, this could be a much more laborious process with hacking and refitting, and chances are you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall all your other appliances too. From stoves, to ovens to rangehoods, the process becomes much messier and more complicated. Although if you find your cupboards are in a really bad shape, and are in major need of a complete overhaul, don’t be too afraid to take the leap forward.

Add in New Lights

Brightening up a room is a simple yet effective method that can make a room look completely different without doing anything else. Often, older kitchens tend to suffer from being too dimly lit, making the room look dark and small. With a new set of bright lights, you’ll be able to avoid this pitfall and allow the room to shine bright.

kitchen with marble backsplash
white kitchen with country style

Taking this a step further, you can also consider changing the lamps and lights within your kitchen to add some flair and modern touches to the room. If you already have a kitchen island, putting in some pendant lights adds new life to the appearance of the room. This is one of the easiest method to enhance your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Towels

And no, we aren’t talking about those paper towels you use to mop up grease and oil. Cloth kitchen towels can be a subtle yet tremendous way to upgrade your kitchen. These simple tools are easily forgotten and underused in modern kitchens, especially those who don’t see the need for them. But, kitchen towels serve for more than just wiping up spills, or assisting you in grabbing that hot pan.

Different colours and designs of these towels can speak volumes about your kitchen, and your personality.

These pastel towels reflect a simple, yet elegant type of person and having these soft linen towels hanging around your kitchen reflects a softer nature and gentler touch you may have with the room.

But if you’re more expressive and you want your kitchen to reflect just that, going for slightly more eccentric and unusual designs will definitely showcase this. Plus, this may even be a conversation starter with some guests.

Simple tea towels and kitchen towels can speak volumes about who you are and what you want your guests to feel, so don’t over look these details as you plan out your kitchen.


Painting your kitchen can be an extremely exciting choice for you. From choosing the new colour to seeing it all come together, the process can be thrilling as you slowly see more and more of the room transform into your vision.

Painting can be a simple way to update the kitchen, or a quick fix for old patches or covering up peeling areas. If you happen to have open cabinets, or ones with glass doors, this is also a great opportunity to make sure the room looks congruent. Make sure the new coat of paint matches the insides and the back of these cabinets, if not it will start sticking out like a sore thumb.

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