Building A Bachelor Pod with UrbanCraft Studio

Wait, do I mean bachelor pad? Nope, bachelor pod. If you do a quick Google search, you’d find something called ‘pod homes’. It is an architectural design that focuses on having only-essential in a unit that is usually made for weekend retreats or homestays.

Here, we look at a pod design in an apartment unit with the potential to be owned or rented out. This home is located at Buangkok and is specially designed by the peeps at Urbancraft Studio.

Before we jump into the interior design details, let’s ask ourselves, what do we need in a bachelor pod? If you are slogging all day at work, you just want to come home and be at peace in your space. We are speaking to those who are single and have the space to themselves. Or those who own a small apartment unit looking to rent out their space.

First, it needs to be a functional space.

Next, it has to have the aesthetics to allow you to be you!

I mean, imagine a home can be nice and all, but if you are not into pink plush designs and you live in one, I don’t think you’d feel very at home in your home!

urbancraft studio - living space

This studio pod, although small, was transformed to be a functional and aesthetically pleasing home, laden with compy spots all around the room.

Upon entry, you’ll see that the one room in this unit is L-shaped. How do you fit a bedroom, dining area and living room in this space? Ah, that is a feat!

In the image above, we see an L-shaped bench with a cross-bed table. This is very unique and rarely seen in homes. But this furnishing has three duties. First as a work table, second as a dining table and third, as a storage area (yes, under those cushions).

And let’s be honest, there are days when you have friends over for a drink, and they might just crash at your place. This functions as a daybed too (and an additional sofa).

urbancraft studio - bedroom

On the other end of the unit, a built-in cabinet was erected to function as wardrobe and extra storage. An additional display rack on the left side of the cabinet is perfect for displaying trinkets and collectables.

Let’s turn the attention to the odd cushion in front of the cabinet. Misplaced?


It is a makeshift headboard for the bed. When you have little space, creativity is key to a comfortable and functional home. Piecing together items that don’t usually come together makes the space fun!

Plus, check out the mini ceiling fan with coloured blades and light. As the unit is not spacious, fans are much needed to enhance air circulation. You do not want a place where you hang out so much to be stuffy, do you? Plus, it helps keep odours away too!.

urbancraft studio - kitchen

When you open the door on the right in the image before this, you’ll enter this elongated kitchen.

What we love about this unit is, though small, the kitchen is still very much complete. When staying alone, a kitchenette is simply not enough. Every home needs a fully functional kitchen.

Unlike the main room, the furnishings in the kitchen are darker. To balance it out nicely, the walls are painted and tiled white. But our favourite design has got to be classy flooring.

Mixing hexagons with square tiles are an excellent way to create an accent in the place. You can opt to section a part of the kitchen where hexagon tiles are used and “flow” it to square ones.

urbancraft studio - kitchen 2

If you can’t own a black matte Lamborghini, matte black cabinets are good enough – for now. Couple it with recessed lighting and a dry rack that looks like a display, your parents will go wow when they visit!

Accommodating simple cooking with stoves and other kitchen appliances, this space also functions as a laundry area. As you can see, space is of no issue for Urbancraft Studio. They have that transformative imagination that will fuse functionality and creativity to style a great place you can call home. If you are looking to elevate your bachelor pod to be super practical with an injection of class and fun, check out other projects by Urbancraft Studios.

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