Cafe Crawl : Sembawang

4 cafes in the Sembawang area

Woody’s family café

Woody’s family café Sembawang


This quaint café oozes the vibe of a homey and comforting place, perfect for casual meal with friends and acquaintances. Its owners have a combined total of over 40 years in the F&B industry and are absolutely obsessed with providing each and every customer with a pleasurable dining experience. Dishes such as their “Peranakan spicy wings” take a fun twist on a classic flavour and even allow you to choose your ideal spice level, catering to customers of all preferences. Their “Mama Laksa Burger” features a patty marinated in laksa sauce, bringing a familiar flavour to a modern western dish, suitable for a more traditional palate as well. With such flavours and experiences, it is no wonder this café is beloved as an after-work hang out spot as it is open until midnight every day and the chill environment makes this possible. You will come for the food but definitely stay for the ambience

Operating hours: 3pm-12am

Location: 12F Andrews Avenue Singapore 759930

Woody’s family café food image


Woody’s family café Mama Laksa Burger


Common Chef’s Bistro

Common Chef’s Bistro storefront


Feeling unadventurous? Craving a taste of home? Well look no further as common chef’s bistro serves up a wide array of western comfort food to soothe your appetite. The design is both chic and simple, being very easy on the eye. The environment is perfect for a midday snack if you would like to unwind with a book or a simple cup of coffee. Their signature “Rich man” burger features tater tots as a substitute for French Fries, an uncommon side dish seen in Singapore but pairs perfectly with the melted cheese which they leave you to pour on top of it. As if this was not enticing enough, the café sports an unusual pairing of chicken and waffles which some have described to be a “texture rollercoaster”, truly a café not to be missed. It is also walking distance from Jalan Kemuning Park which allows for a relaxing post-meal walk. The familiar yet elevated taste is simply to die for and is suitable for families to dine in. thye earlier opening hours on weekends also make it a excellent brunch spot

Operating hours: 12pm-10pm on weekdays, 1130am-10pm on weekends

Location: 8 Jalan Legundi Singapore 759274

Common Chef’s Bistro food flatlay


Common Chef’s Bistro signature burger

Common Chef’s Bistro industrial interior


Factory Café

Factory Café minimalist industrial decor


Factory café is located nearer to industrial sites. To match this vibe, the café has a very minimalist décor to mimic the industrial look and improve the overall ambience transition when you step into the café. The exposed pipes, open bulbs and floral décor elevate the look even more. The concept of this café is to become a fusion restaurant with affordable prices, with items even falling under the $3 mark. Their signature “old school bun” is a modernised version of a luncheon meat and egg sandwich and it certainly does not break the bank, costing just $2.50. they also combine flavours such as Taiwanese and Italian with their lap cheong carbonara. The sausage replaces the conventional bacon or ham in carbonara and substitutes it with this local rendition of the dish. The sweetness of the sausage adds a depth of flavour only possible with the combination of these cuisines. They also sport a modern take on chicken rice by seasoning the chicken with sesame to enrich the flavour. This café is truly not to be missed if you are looking for a flavour explosion. To top it all off, they also feature stunning desserts to complete the experience.

Operating hours: 10am-3pm, closed on Sundays

Location: 8B Admiralty St, building, #01-10, 757440, Singapore 759969

Factory Café food image

Factory Café sandwich


13 Miles

13 Miles storefront


Don’t think we forgot about the Muslim community as the last spot is indeed a Halal certified café. 13 Miles is a café that binds the best of two completely differing cuisines- Thai and Western. Their interesting concept puts out dishes such as “Tom Yum Chicken Chop Pasta” which is sure to tingle your tastebuds. Not a fan of fusion? Don’t fret as the café does serve dishes specified to single cuisines as well, more familiar flavours such as “sambal kangkong” and even “sirloin steak” are available options for the safer eaters out there. It’s no wonder that reviewers gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Operating Hours: 11am-11pm, closed on the first and second Monday of the month

Location: 596b Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758455

13 Miles salmon and vegetables