What we can learn from Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are well known for their maximum use of small spaces and creative ways of decorating. They have some great ideas so why don’t we incorporate them into our Singapore homes? Here are some things we can learn from studio apartments to design our home.

Dividers aren’t just walls

Classic dividers of solid walls and doors are a thing of the past. To maximise your space and to make the area look bigger, use bookshelves as dividers to separate the living room and kitchen area and curtains to create privacy of the bedroom. Using bookshelves creates a semi divider to cover some of the space with a functional use while curtains make it easy to expand the look of an area and create privacy depending on need. So if you have an option, go for these ‘soft’ walls instead.

curtain dividers

And physical dividers aren’t always necessary

Creatively use different colours and styles separate rooms. In studio apartments, space is precious so physical dividers are nonexistent and designers play around with colours and styles to distinguish the different functions of rooms. The living room could have a calming Scandinavian theme with cool tones whereas the kitchen can have a Retro theme with bright colours to increase energy.

calming Scandinavian theme with cool tones living room
Retro theme with bright colours kitchen

Not everything has to be stationary

Studio apartments have made using portable clothes hangers as a wardrobe fashionable and basic. From then retailers have created portable furniture for your homes such as portable pantries and day beds that can be easily moved. You can make use of this portable furniture in your homes to make it easy to recreate spaces and adapt a room to suit your needs. If you have guests over, you can easily move your couch to another room to allow for more room.

portable clothes hangers
day beds

Your bed does not have to be seen

Although it is nice to come home to a welcoming bed after a long day of work, you might want to consider a space-saving bed to increase the space of your room during the day. A space saving bed when pulled up reveals a functional workspace and instantly increases the usable room space of a small bedroom. However, do keep in mind that it will take extra work during night and day before and after you’ve had your good nights rest.

space-saving bed
loft bed

Don’t be a hoarder

Above all these creative designs and furniture uses, remember not to be a hoarder! Studio apartment residents do this the best with their limited space and vulnerable outlook of their home. Whatever you don’t need anymore, throw it into the trash or donate it before filling your home with more wonderful things.