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CoVid-19: Is it a good time to invest in private property in Singapore?

purchasing a private property in Singapore

CoVid-19: Is it a good time to invest in private property in Singapore? The year of 2020 has definitely been strange so far! With all the disruption that seems to follow the CoVid-19 spread around the world, you may be wondering what all this means for Singapore – and its property market. Well, thankfully, the […]

Lastest Update: Some BTO Flats May Be Delayed Up To 9 Months….

According to the latest news from Straits times, certain BTO will not be completed on time and may be delayed for up to 9 months! A Couple who was supposed to be collecting their keys for their flat in Bukit Batok last month have to wait till the start of next year. Their BTO is […]

A Full Compilation Of Dos & Don’ts For Phase 2

Yay! I bet many are feeling the excitement of heading out for late-night suppers, meeting your group of friends, going down to your favourite gym or swimming pool or even dining at your favourite restaurants! However, let’s not get complacent and forget about some basic measures we need to adhere too! Below, we have compiled […]

LATEST UPDATE: More than 19,000 home renovation projects are allowed to resume

According to the latest news from CNA, more than 19,000 suspended home renovation works are given the green light to resume. All other types of renovation can also submit applications to start work from Monday. These includes new and previously suspended works for industrial or commercial projects. Companies should go to to submit their […]

Construction sector a key vulnerability & Singaporeans have to live with Covid-19 long term..

This is a rough summary of National Development Minister Lawrence Wong speech on Tuesday, 9th June 2020. Singapore need to start preparing to live with this coronavirus for long term, through changing the way they live and how work is delivered. Contact tracing & virus testing capacity have increased significantly Government is trying a new […]

Contractors frustrated over new regulations and tedious process before work can be done.

On 4th June 2020, Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah spoke on behalf of contractors and everyone in the same industry highlighting the difficulties and frustrations faced while trying to resume work. Although most contractors were happy when they know they can resume operations during Phase 1, this happiness was short-lived. They find themselves in […]

Other sources of protein that is affordable and nutritious

Protein is not only just about fish and meat. There are many other sources of protein that are affordable and yet provide you with the right amount of nutrients. Protein helps in repairing and building your tissues and provides you with energy throughout the day. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives and other varieties […]

Full List Of Online Groceries That Deliver To Your Doorstep.

With #workingfromhome and those who have to #stayhome due to this circuit breaker period, everyone starts to become a Masterchef at home! The supermarkets are crowded, items get out of stock and queues to pay become extremely long. To help with this, we have come up with a COMPREHENSIVE list of online groceries stores that […]