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7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

Article _ 7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

When it is hot, it is scorching hot. When it rains, it can go on for days. We may call the weather weird, but the truth is, the earth is going through changes caused by unwise management of our home planet. So what is to be done? It is time to look at how to […]

Where to Add Built-In Shelving At Home

What makes a house, a home? Other than calling the home a place you are familiar with, we think it is because your home is where all your stuff is. It is not about how decorated a space is, how functional or how beautiful it is – those elements will not cause you to call […]

Best 10 storage products to get from IKEA under $500

Minimalist home decor items

Any home is prone to mess when you have too many single items scattered around the house. Clutter is inevitable when your house doesn’t have the space designated for each object. The good news is you can still keep your home looking fresh and contemporary while tucking away your things. We’re sorting our top 10 […]

Neutral Home Design for a Minimalist Interior.

Article _ Neutral Home Design for a Minimalist Interior.

Let’s do a little walk down memory lane. Do you remember how interior design was like in the mid to late ’90s? Some of you may be too young to remember, but most of it is either woodsy, floral or neutral. When we stumbled upon this 3-bedroom HDB BTO designed by 1618 Studio, we almost […]

The guide to upcycling: How to give new life to dated objects

Everyone has old junk that they don’t know what to do with. On one hand, some parts of your old stuff are old and worn out, or maybe the designs are just so dated that it just doesn’t ‘go’ with anything in your house. But on the other hand, your stuff might still be semi-functional, […]

6 Products from Shopee To Jazz Up Your Living Space

When designing your living room, what matters most to you? Aesthetics, comfort, or functionality? We’d say all three are equally important! If you want to create a cosy nest for your family, we suggest you read till the end of this article. This is your ultimate guide to affordable living room products you can get […]

Making Interior Design Functional – OBBIOusly

It is apparent to all Singaporeans and permanent residents that space is of the essence – especially if you live in a tiny but populated metropolis that spans the whole country. Every square meter must serve a purpose! Homeowners are often looking for functional interior design ideas! By definition, sleek is a smooth and polished […]

Small updates you can introduce to your home 2021

Renodots article- Small updates you can introduce to your home 2021

The old has gone, and the new has come, 2021 marks a new year, new resolutions and a new home design? After spending a majority of 2020 confined within the four walls of your home, it is high time to start thinking of ways to free up space or to give your home a new […]

Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Renodots article- Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Let’s do a quick one-question quiz – What increases productivity in the kitchen? Many of you would say kitchen appliances, of course! While we love our air fryers, bread makers, waffle makers and (ahem) garlic mincers, there is one design that contributes to productivity in the kitchen – the kitchen triangle! What is a kitchen […]