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The Battle of Home Flooring – Laminates OR Vinyl

laminate vs vinyl flooring

If you’re looking for an affordable yet tasteful option for flooring, you’re bound to come to a point where you’re pitting laminate and vinyl flooring against each other. Cheaper than options like marble or parquet, both laminate and vinyl are friendly on the wallet, but can still provide the same aesthetic look as the natural […]

Behind The Movie Magic: 7 Ideas For A Feature Wall For Your TV

feature wall

Televisions have become almost ubiquitous for quite some time now, even before the coronavirus pandemic drove many of us to stay home watching streaming services for hours on end. These days TVs are actually the main focal point in most living rooms! But have you ever noticed that the backdrop to your TV is also […]

How To Improve Natural Lighting In Your Home

natural lighting

You’ve got your keys to your HDB, condominium or home, and when you enter, hmm, something seems lacklustre. Even though it is supposed to be an empty, unfurnished space, you can help but feel underwhelmed because…you can’t put a finger to it. Well, most of the time, lighting (or the lack of it) is the […]

Make Space In Your Place With These Creative Storage Ideas

storage ideas

Have you ever had too much stuff in your house, but had nowhere to put it? We’ve all experienced this problem at some point in our lives. We want our homes to look nice and uncluttered, but with limited home space, there’s only so much we can do! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of […]

Top 10 Useful Home Items You Can Get From Lazada

lazada header

Online shopping platforms have become ubiquitous in the last year. Just a few clicks on a laptop, phone, or tablet, are enough to purchase items we need from wherever we are. It’s all very convenient, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to make your home life easier. We’re going to give you a […]

Facing tile problems? Here’s how to solve them!

If you clicked on this, you must be a Singaporean resident with a tile problem looking to be solved. Though there are many flooring and wall paneling options available to us today, tiles are still one of the most versatile (and colourful options around). They come in many shapes too – from diamonds, fish scales, […]

7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

Article _ 7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

When it is hot, it is scorching hot. When it rains, it can go on for days. We may call the weather weird, but the truth is, the earth is going through changes caused by unwise management of our home planet. So what is to be done? It is time to look at how to […]