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How To Furnish Your Living Space With Wooden Furnishings

Are you thinking of incorporating more wooden textures into your living space? You can start by adding wooden furnishings or introduce wooden flooring into your home. Wooden furniture does not only elevate the aesthetics of your home, it can also absorb and store the carbon dioxide in the air (not a lot but significant enough). […]

6 Ways to Use Fairy Lights for Your Decor

A home makeover does not need to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time. We are going to look at one of the simplest ways to jazz up the look and feel of your home, especially when night falls – using fairy lights! You can purchase them for really cheap […]

Custom-made or Ready-made furniture? Let us help!

Have your dream home – yes, you bought your home, get your keys, and hmm, it is not what it seems. For dreamers out there, you might want a specific type of furniture in your new space. For those who have an eye for colour, you might not get the shade you want for the […]

Ways to Minimise Clutter and Maximise Space in Your Closet

When you move into your new home, it feels like you are restarting your life. You vow to have minimize clutter and maximize the space in your closet. However, it may not take long for some people to lose that focus. Weekend shopping and online deals make it difficult to retain a neat and tidy […]

Best 5 Ikea’s Small Furniture for Kids Aged 2-6

Are you looking for small furniture for your kids? Designing a toddler’s room beckons bright, inviting colors that represent the bubbling energy in each child. Think splashes of light blue, bright pink, and apple green! Think fuzzy, bouncy beds with animal motifs on them. It can be a whole lot of fun to put together […]

Four Creative Wet And Dry Kitchen Ideas For Your New Home

A wet kitchen is usually a confined space where heavy cooking takes place. Do you do deep-frying of poultry, stir-frying of noodles and rice or boiling of soups and Chinese desserts? These activities are usually done in the wet kitchen because it might be messy if you cook up a storm in an open-concept kitchen. […]

Get to Know: Different Functions of Curtains and Blinds

grey curtain for your bedroom

What do you know about dressing your windows? A room without a window feels claustrophobic and stuffy. There is an absence of good air circulation and most people do not like it! To dress the blinds, we often choose between curtains or blinds – sometimes we incorporate both! They are as important as the colours […]

BEST 7 Bathroom Sinks – and where to get them

BEST 7 Bathroom Sinks – and where to get them What do you do when you first check-in into your hotel room? Do you check out the bathroom first? If so, welcome to the club! Bathrooms are highly regarded because it is a space where we can have some me-time, perform our cleaning routines, and […]

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last Imagine this: You are a proud homeowner (yay!) geared up to shop for a new look for your bathroom and kitchen. You go to your interior designer, who then gleefully spreads out their vast array of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. Goodness! So […]

Tips For Your Studio Apartment

Tips For Your Studio Apartment If you’ve got a studio apartment or any other small apartment, you probably are very limited on space. Apartments in Singapore aren’t known to be big, and with the price per square foot, its no wonder smaller and smaller apartments are being sold these days. But if you find your […]