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People Preference Choice Award Nominee – Diva’s Interior Design

Article - divas

Introducing Renodots People Preference Choice Award Nominee Diva’s Interior Design! If you have a good eye for great designs, then keep reading to get a glance at this great one by Diva’s Interior Design. Diva’s Interior Design is known for creating quality designs at affordable prices, so it is no surprise that this company has […]

People Preference Choice Nominees – Exqsite Interior Design

Article - exqsite interior design

Introducing Renodots People Preference Choice Award Nominee Exqsite Interior Design! If industrial chic is your style of choice, then you are going to LOVE this newest design by the fabulous Exqsite Interior Design. With its classy mix of minimalism and industrial overtones, the space reimagines the classical brick and iron style of industrialism with soft […]

People Preference Choice Nominees – Space Change

Introducing Renodots People Preference Choice Award Nominee Space Change! Who says every home needs to be brightly lit and bouncing with colours? With a mix of industrial and minimalist style, this sleek noir inspired home design gives a unique spin to challenge the usual expectations. LED lighting below the carpentry adds to the luxe atmosphere […]

*NEW* Everything About The August 2021 BTO Launch

august bto

HDB’s releases for the August 2021 BTO launch are out! The August 2021 BTO launch will include 4,930 flats in the estates of Hougang, Jurong East, Kallang/Whampoa, Queenstown, and Tampines. August 2021 BTO Launch: Hougang Site A of August 2021 BTO launch for Hougang: Location: Along Hougang Avenue 3 and Hougang Avenue 1 (under construction) […]

Think Out Of The Cabinets – Cabinets Ideas Inspirations

think out of the cabinets

Singapore interior designers are always thinking out of the box when tasked to design a home that, more often than not, is a unit with limited space. That is why it is crucial to discuss and compare notes when firming up an interior innovation in HDBs or resale homes. Here, we are looking at some […]

A resale HDB that makes you feel refreshed.

Article - A resale HDB that makes you feel refreshed and Zen

When you visualize your dream house, what does it look like? If the first image that comes to your mind represents a neutral and Zen backdrop, you’re going to love this interior design conceived by the creative people at Prestige Design Studio. This Singaporean interior design company transformed a five-room resale HDB at Edgefield Plains […]

Interior Design Style: Modern Style And What It Can Do For Your Home

Are you wondering if the modern style of interior design is for you? Or maybe you just want to get an idea of the distinguishing features that make modern interior design special? In that case, read on! This page is going to cover all the key features of this style, and touch on the overall […]

Conquer The Dark By Using Darker Hues For Your Home

conquer the dark

Popular opinion states small rooms must never be painted dark. It seems like the only way to “open up” your small space is to make sure everything is whitewashed, so light reflects off it, making the space feel lighter and look bigger. However, interior designers in Singapore are moving from that school of thought to […]

Interior Design Styles: Live in the Moment with the Contemporary Style

contemporary style

On today’s article from our interior design series, we explore the contemporary style of interior design! Read on to find out the ins and outs of contemporary interior design, and what it can do to spruce up your home. Contemporary Interior Design: Trademarks And Early Influences In truth, the contemporary style is particularly hard to […]

Transforming Spaces With Artspaze

transforming spaces with artspaze

Functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. That is how we envision our homes to be. It is akin to how our mobile phones have evolved, from being a device that is purely a communication tool, to a multi-functional must-have, either by tracking our daily steps, or binge watching of Netflix dramas. Now, we simply cannot live […]