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Scandinavian Interior Design That Inspires

What comes to your mind when you think about Scandinavian interior designs in Singapore? Maybe you’d suggest a bright setting with wooden furniture. Some might suggest IKEA designs, which is not wrong because Scandinavian design boomed throughout the Nordic countries (including Sweden, where IKEA originated) in the 1950s. Others might not know it exists, but […]

A Maisonette With A Gorgeous Kitchen Layout.

This beautiful maisonette is a gorgeous construct of modern contemporary design designed by Ovon Design. Closing out the second decade of the century, the design and style of this home reflect some of the latest and most successful trends over the past few years. As we approach the next decade, some of the more popular […]

Check Out These Condominium renovations Below $30,000!

Have you gotten your keys to your new Condominium? What will be your main concern in terms of the renovation? Our guess is that budget is the root of the renovation worry. Many people think it will cost approximately (or more than) $50,000. We are here to show you different Condominium renovation projects that is […]

Two Contrasting Design Style in a Flawless Apartment

Finding itself in a unique niche of urban contemporary meets rustic homey, this home flawlessly incorporates what could be two very contrasting decorating styles designed by The Movement Design. This mixing of styles allows the personality and strengths of either to improve on the shortcomings of the other. With the warmth that comes with the […]

See It To Believe It: HDB Renovation Projects Below $30,000!

You’ve got your keys to your HDB! Now on to your next project – your home renovation. Some may think that it is a big hurdle to climb before actually moving in. However, we want to let you know that your home does not need to cost a bomb. While it should look nice, remember […]

Trio-Themed Bungalow by Livinci Interior Design

Imagine having a home so big you can incorporate three different interior design themes on each level. Decorating a large home poses a different kind of challenge as opposed to designing a small home. Since there is so much space, each area has to be properly utilised so it won’t look bare or unfinished. Livinci […]

A Gorgeous Setting With Chic Tones Of Pastel Grey

A gorgeous setting of modern living etched in chic tones of pastel grey is just the home you want to come back to every day. With its low-profile exterior, the home doesn’t need any bells or whistles to make an impactful statement. The beauty of this home is just how classy it looks without even […]

A Modern Peranakan Panache

The interior design trend these days revolves around bright whitewashed walls with ultra-cool dark furnishings. It may not be your preference if you want to add personality to your home. Therefore, we encourage you to ponder on what kind of character you’d want to introduce into your space. Your heritage, maybe? In this modern home […]

A home that features modern style with exquisite finishings

This newly designed home in Buangkok puts together sophistication with classic contemporary designs. The home features aspects of modern styles, creatively woven together to show some of the best and greatest furnishing designs. Starting with the living and dining space, the wall just adjacent to the dining table uses a peculiar shade of granite to […]

A Swanky abode in glitz and glam

Nestled away in the heart of the city, this home truly reflects the sophistication and style befitting of its location. With swanky interior designing, the home features a glitz and glam in its fullness with the elegant dark theming of the various parts of the home. Starting with the living room, the home’s interior design […]