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Marrying Colour And Wood In Interior Design

How do you envision your home to feel? That is a question you can start with before deciding on what your home should look like. This is because the basis of how it will look will depend on how you want to feel. To feel like you are on holiday every day, you’d probably want […]

A Touch Of Bright With ProjectGuru

In recent years, we see a dominating interior trend in homes where owners are less likely to embrace a bright pop of colour. Yellows, oranges, and pinks are not very popular. Most incline toward cool and deep tones like navy, grey, blue, and white. Many also favour natural wood tones like butternut, maple, dark honey, […]

Modern Japanese Aesthetic

Designed by: Obbio Concept Kanso, or the Japanese form of feng shui, is the art of balancing the energy present to create a focused yet relaxed environment. Along with the more commonly heard of Zen, Kanso is used together to create that perfectly balanced harmony in typical Japanese styled homes, and the results are incredible. […]

Modern Living With Chic Tones

A gorgeous setting of modern living etched in chic tones of pastel grey is just the home you want to come back to every day. With its low-profile exterior, the home doesn’t need any bells or whistles to make an impactful statement. The beauty of this home is just how classy it looks without even […]

A Sleek & Cosmopolitan Design

Modern living couldn’t get any simpler than this. Using a simple yet sleek cosmopolitan design, this house shines and stands out as an excellent example of how simple designs can go a long way. While the home may not be overflowing with excess space, the design has made the compaction of the home well and […]

The Perfect Bachelor Pad

The perfect bachelor pad can come in many forms, from elaborate and fancy decorations, to just a simple yet sophisticated look. While this home may be a bachelor pad, it does not lack any of the warmth or familiarity of a comfortable and relaxing home. While the space in this apartment may be small, it […]

Glitz & Glam

Decked out in glitz and glam, this modern contemporary style apartment is the envy of cosmopolitan living. The analogous colour palette for this home fits a muted sophistication with its warm earthy tones and complementing gentle lighting features. The dining space in this apartment maintains a high level of polish and grandiose. With an eye-catching […]

Natural Existence In A Modern Home

Built like an oasis in a cosmopolitan jungle, this home ushers in the fine elements of a natural existence in the comfort of a modern home. The kitchen has been upsized and designed to be wide and spacious with plentiful built-in space for cabinets and drawers, you won’t have a problem finding storage space here. […]

Modern Industrial Chic

Renovating a resale flat can be tricky business, especially if you’re thinking about doing a complete overhaul to update the home. From repainting to adding in custom built furniture, this home was given all the works to make sure it doesn’t get lost in time. With the facelift, the home not only looks amazing, but […]

Homey & Warm Abode

Just because your floor space isn’t as big, doesn’t mean can’t build a beautiful home with all the comforts you want. Exploring different ways to manage a smaller home, the team at Tan studios has managed to successfully arrange this home to reflect a homey warmth which is very fitting of the quaint setting. Using […]