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Modern Influences Mixed Contemporary Look

Making a statement with this transitional styled home, the combination on modern influences with contemporary looks creates a unique blend of styles in this comfortable maisonette. Starting with the living space, muted tones and off-white colours offers a safe choice of options for a well-designed living room. Choosing pastel grey to mix with the chosen […]

Timeless & Modern

Creating a design concept for a timeless yet modern home is no easy task. Designing a home which suits the trends of the present and stand the pressure of time is no easy feat. A mix of modern sine qua non was no doubt needed in creating the ageless look, but with a carefully crafted […]

Contemporary mixed futuristic

Merging contemporary living with futuristic styles, this home carries the design of both of these successful styles and achieves a well-stuck balance. The clean combination of the styles has created a home which stands up to the current designs and trends of today, while still managing to have a forward-looking design in a niche that […]

Industrial Chic Abode

A combination of industrial chic and post-modern design, this home stuns and entices guests with its friendly vibe and stylish design. The room is the focal point of this home. With the exposed brick back wall, the room has a casual tone to it. The added texture of the tiles gives the room depth and […]

Contemporary Style with Sleek finishes

Proper lighting can easily be the thing that makes or breaks how good a home can look. With clear and well-placed lighting, the most flattering features and accents in a home can be highlighted and pop out. With a well designed modern contemporary styled home, making sure the lighting in the home was properly layered […]

Coming home to a welcome respite of rest and relaxation by SHE Interior

Designer: SHE Interior What’s better than leaving work and coming home to a welcome respite of rest and relaxation. An entire day at the office can be extremely mentally draining, after hours on end of hacking away at all your work. That’s why, the inspiration for this home was to create a façade that immediately […]

Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas

The living room: The ultimate centerpiece of every home, a sacred room of togetherness, comfort, kinship and entertainment. As the primary social space designated within a house, many have traditionally accorded the living room much importance, especially since it often makes or breaks any first impression of a home. It can be deemed the common […]

How to Improve Your Home Security

You’ve been thinking of how to improve your home security, but can’t afford a full-blown home monitoring alarm system just yet. That’s alright, because these easy home security steps can help get you started. credit Change Your Locks If you’ve just moved into your new Singapore home, then your first priority should be to change […]

Easy Ways to Create a Scandi Chic Home

The word “Scandi-Chic” is often tossed about during Singapore renovation or interior design consultations, but what does it truly mean? It’s quite simple really. This popular design trend follows the principle of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), which prescribes a style that’s simple, minimal and functional. And where better to implement this style than in your Singapore […]

Common Small-Space Design Mistakes

Living in a small Singapore HDB or condo can be suffocating if you don’t plan the interior design properly. Avoid these common small-space design mistakes when you’re planning out the interiors of your new home. Not Customizing Your Storage Space Properly Most home owners forget spaces on the bare walls, under the beds and staircases and […]