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6 IKEA finds to Make Your Living Room Cosy

How do you create a perfect living room that invites you, your family and guests to sit, destress, and chill? Cate St Hill puts it perfectly: A cosy living room that hits the right spot doesn’t just look good; it also appeals to our other senses – touch, scent and sound. From the type of […]

Keep your food warm with Invisible Induction Technology

We don’t know if you’ve ever been observant of non-food items when you are in a buffet line, but we at Renodots do pay a little more attention to the surroundings and technology used wherever we go – yes, even when our stomachs are rumbling for food at a buffet. So there was one thing […]

Vanity Ideas So You’ll Feel Like A Beauty Influencer

Some of us may have watched beauty influencers doing their thing, with ring lights illuminating their eyes as they pound on makeup or do their hair in a brightly lit room in front of a large mirror. If you happen to dream of having a vanity, we’ve got some vanity ideas that will bring out […]

4 Stylish Stand Fans for Your Home

Remember when we were kids, and decorating our SIMS house was our favourite pastime? Perhaps, for some, it’s still our favourite thing to do! We simply had to scroll the catalogue to browse for some swanky furniture, and then dragged the coolest one out. Then, it would belong in our house along with the other […]

Top 4 Bacteria-Eliminating Automated Laundry Racks

Automated Laundry Who? Ever since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve become more aware of our health and hygiene. Immediately after coming home, we throw our clothes into the laundry bin, and off it goes into a wash. We then hang the clothes, in hopes that they’re going to be clean and dry, only to be […]

3 Box Sets of IKEA Cutlery for Your Home

Eating and dining is a routine part of our lives. The joy of a meal that comes from a heartwarming dish prepared and eaten at home is quite incomparable. For any home, cutlery is an essential because, otherwise, how are you going to eat? For modern-day home owners, IKEA strikes a good balance between cost […]

6 Ways to Use Fairy Lights for Your Decor

A home makeover does not need to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time. We are going to look at one of the simplest ways to jazz up the look and feel of your home, especially when night falls – using fairy lights! You can purchase them for really cheap […]

Custom-made or Ready-made furniture? Let us help!

Have your dream home – yes, you bought your home, get your keys, and hmm, it is not what it seems. For dreamers out there, you might want a specific type of furniture in your new space. For those who have an eye for colour, you might not get the shade you want for the […]

Be Home Smart: Get Starke Digital Locks For Your Home

How safe are you in your home? While it is not common that thieves will break down your front door, because all the busybodies aunties in the neighbourhood will know and their attempt to do a break-in will not materialise, they may break a lock with special equipment. To protect your family and belongings, to […]

Best 5 Ikea’s Small Furniture for Kids Aged 2-6

Are you looking for small furniture for your kids? Designing a toddler’s room beckons bright, inviting colors that represent the bubbling energy in each child. Think splashes of light blue, bright pink, and apple green! Think fuzzy, bouncy beds with animal motifs on them. It can be a whole lot of fun to put together […]