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It Sucks: Singapore’s Five Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners!

Spring cleaning will be a lot more fun if you’ve got efficient tools to zap up the dust in your home. Think of yourself as a modern Cinderella, instead of serenading the birds and rodents to clean the home, there is a robotic tool that will do that for you – singing is optional. In […]

Top Five Favoured Water Faucets in Singapore

Chup, water break! In this week’s series of home appliance reviews, we will take a good look at water purifying faucets most loved by Singaporean homes. There are a lot of faucet-detached purifiers out there. While it might be preferred by some, it is not favoured by all. It is still better to have clean […]

Battle of the Air Fryers: Which One is the Best?

Everyone seems to be talking about air fryers. If they are not thinking about buying them, they would already be using them, and when they use them, they talk about what they are using them for. It makes the urge to get an air fryer much stronger! But wait, let’s talk about what an air […]

Fans That Works Like Air-Conditioners

If you realized, the weather in Singapore can get really unbearable! Some household may have air conditioners at home, but they may not be for everyone. Certain homes does not have space to accommodate one, or they prefer energy-saving options. Today, we are introducing certain fans that work like your cooling unit! When it comes […]

5 Unique & Creative Home Gadgets You Should Have

Today, Renodots would like to introduce another 5 unique home gadgets that you can get for your brand-new home! These items are supposed to make your life easier or help you in your daily routines! Without further ado, let’s check them out below. #1 HoMedics Soundspa® Recharged Projection Alarm Clock Keep track of your day […]

KitchenAid – New Cordless Appliances Collection (A Game Changer)

Having wires hanging around on your kitchen counter-top can be quite a hassle, isn’t it? What if you do not have enough outlets in your kitchen for your blender or mixer? Well, if you face this problem at home, you’ll be excited to know that KitchenAid has launched a new CORDLESS collection! KitchenAid has come […]

Fitbit Charge 4 – Product Review

Have you heard of Fitbit Charge 4 which was recently launched? So how different was it from the previous watches? What are the new functions and how does it look? We got it covered below. Here are the key specifications of Fitbit Charge 4 24/7 heart rate (Track calorie burnt & optimize workouts) Resting heart […]

8 Home Gadgets To Upgrade Your Home Life

With the advancement in technology, cool gadgets are decking every home and this changed people lifestyle in a way. These gadgets are not only creative but they really do solve some big problems faced at home! Let’s check them out below. Hercules Tuff Charging Station Organizer This is a portable charging station for multiple devices! […]

Types Of Floor Lamps For Your Home

Hello fellow Renodots readers! For today content, we will be introducing to you several kinds of floor lamps from is one of the biggest home furnishing eCommerce website in Singapore! They have a wide range of home products for your living area, dining area, kitchen and many more! So, without further ado, let’s […]