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Interior Design Styles: Live in the Moment with the Contemporary Style

contemporary style

On today’s article from our interior design series, we explore the contemporary style of interior design! Read on to find out the ins and outs of contemporary interior design, and what it can do to spruce up your home. Contemporary Interior Design: Trademarks And Early Influences In truth, the contemporary style is particularly hard to […]

Transforming Spaces With Artspaze

transforming spaces with artspaze

Functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. That is how we envision our homes to be. It is akin to how our mobile phones have evolved, from being a device that is purely a communication tool, to a multi-functional must-have, either by tracking our daily steps, or binge watching of Netflix dramas. Now, we simply cannot live […]

Interior design styles: capture the old days with the vintage style

Let’s take a moment to remember our past. Ignore your surroundings for a moment, and think about a happy memory for a minute. Maybe you’re thinking of a time you spent with your cherished friends or family, or maybe you’re thinking of the first time you were swept off your feet … Feeling nostalgic yet? […]

A HDB makeover with monochrome style and vibe.

Black and white, the two contrasting colours used to bring depth into any interior design. If you want to incorporate these two colours into your home, with a little grey as an in-between, be sure to engage an interior designer that holds that forte. In Singapore, we have Glamour Concept Design, an ID company that […]

Interior design styles: the industrial style and what it can do for your home

Interior design is about more than aesthetics and making your home look pretty. When it’s done well, interior design can also support your lifestyle and make little things a little more convenient from day to day. Today, we’re here to talk about the industrial style of interior design – the trademarks, the aesthetics, as well […]

A Scandinavian home that is rich in colours and textures

Do you dare to be colourful? Do you dare to go against pop culture and create a beautiful Scandinavian home with maximum use of colours and textures but still maintain an elegant and homey atmosphere? For many interior designers, it may be a challenge, but not for the designers at Elpis Interior. As one of […]

Use Renodots Matching Tool to get up to 5 quotations

Article - Use Renodots Matching Tool to get up to 5 quotations

There are plenty of interior designers (IDs) out there, but which one is for you? You can check out some recommendations for interior designers in the west, east and north-east of Singapore. Or, you can check out the reviews for many IDs on the website, but did you know Renodots has a matching tool that […]

A Detailed home renovation guide for each step

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – home renovations are stressful! We always want it to be just perfect, yet we’re bombarded with plenty of horror stories of bursting the budget, poor craftsmanship, and plenty of other things that could go wrong. And to top it off, there’s so much information (and […]

5 firms that create Contemporary Homes in Singapore

Think contemporary homes in Singapore, think vogue on the runway because they are almost the same thing. One is to dress a home and another, a body. If you are itching to dress your HDB, condominium, or landed property in the latest and “faddest” designs, look no further than these top five design firms in […]

7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

Article _ 7 Ways To Make Your HDB More Eco-Friendly

When it is hot, it is scorching hot. When it rains, it can go on for days. We may call the weather weird, but the truth is, the earth is going through changes caused by unwise management of our home planet. So what is to be done? It is time to look at how to […]