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Step into a world of luxury. From the grand living room to the ultra-chic kitchen and elegant rooms, this modern apartment looks stunning with the right balance of comfort and order, leaving one thoroughly at ease in this picture-perfect home. With its pristine white walls and ceiling, the living room looks incredibly bright and spacious. […]


Are you thinking of building a kitchen bar for fast meals? Or maybe you are looking into purchasing a new dining table. Either way, here are some measurements you may want to take note of before starting the exciting adventure of building your dream dining area, as they will make your decisions faster and easier […]

How To Plan Your Kitchen Layout

Ever wondered how to design your kitchen layout so that you can prepare your meals more efficiently? Unsure about the dimensions of a standard kitchen? Do not fret! Here are some suggestions you can work with to build your dream kitchen. THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE The kitchen work triangle is a principle that determines efficient kitchen […]

Opulent Oasis

elegant concept design

Designer: Matrix Interior With an elegant concept design and close attention to detail, this picture perfect abode is the epitome of luxurious living. An extravagant chandelier hangs from the ceiling, brightening up the room and giving the floor a glossy sheen. Lustrous marble and mirrors make the accent wall striking and opens up space. The […]


Designer: In2pace ID Group Theme: Modern A spacious abode with a high ceiling, this apartment looks simply majestic. From the grand living room to the cozy master bedroom and lovely children’s room, this space is the epitome of luxurious living. A simple yet classy chandelier hangs from the ceiling, providing a warm glow throughout the […]


Designer: WedaStudio Inc Theme: Contemporary Think ultra-chic and luxurious – this beautiful abode is the ideal home for those who adore the contemporary and sophisticated style. The living room exudes a relaxed and refined ambience with a neutral and modern colour scheme of black, greys, white and brown. A pristine white coffee table sits in […]


Style: Modern-luxury Project By: Letz Interior The design is extraordinary, with an elegant concept and close attention to detail. This graceful abode is undoubtedly perfect for those who prefer the sophisticated modern look. With an exquisite detailing, the living room looks incredibly refined and stylish. An extravagant chandelier hangs on the ceiling, brightening up the room […]

How to Create Your Own Home Office

Even in bustling Singapore, working from home, is fast becoming a popular option for those who prefer to set their own schedules and work at their own pace. However, being successful in this area requires having a space that allows you to be productive and efficient. Consider these interior design tips to set up your […]

How to Decorate A Kid-Friendly Home

credit You don’t have to give up style just because there’s a new addition in your family. Utilise these simple interior design tricks to turn your Singapore HDB into a chic yet kid-friendly hangout. Get a Few Fabric Baskets These little bins and baskets are a great way to encourage your little one to learn […]